The Path

The ART Matrix Path is a journey of discovery into holistic health and the joy we unearth when we live passionately and authentically true to our inner nature. Through philosophical prose, poetry, articles and reading reviews I delve into life as a soul having human experiences.

Each genre, like the Hello Soul poem, shares alternative ways of looking at life–each written to empower personal growth and holistic health. We will read about philosophy and poetry and how each is uniquely complementary to the other to expand this journey of self-awareness and empowerment.

My vision is to enrich understandings and realizations of our genuine identity narratives and core values. Along the way, we deepen our connections, free restrictions of energy flows and strengthen relationships with the world around us. Imagination, thought experiments and knowledge both simplify and enhance the path that we take.

The holistic health benefits of living according to your genuine self, authentically, with integrity, are extensive.


The Philosophy of the ART Matrix involves cycling through the helix of accepting, reflecting and transforming.


In this journey we explore and discover attributes of the Matrix of body, mind, heart, soul and spirit.


The Design to Empower integrates knowledge and understandings related to the tools of Intentions, Mindfulness, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Symbols, Writing and Reading.


From a holistic perspective, The ART, The Matrix, and The Design enhance our potential to live balanced and connected healthy, fulfilling lives.

–Leah J🕊

Free will and the power of the imagination are phenomenal tools available for reaching awesome potentials.

The eyes of the future are looking back at us and they are praying for us to see beyond our own time.

— Terry Tempest Williams

the interconnecting helix

5 part MATRIX Foundation🕊

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3 part ART Framework🕊

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7 part DESIGN for Empowerment🕊

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With intentional attitudes we evolve in a more connected way. We discover and empower authentic identity-narratives and core values that are more connected to our genuine nature. We can embrace these this process with integrity for holistic well-being.

Plant the seeds for transformation

I have great faith in a seed
convince me that you have a seed there and
I am prepared to expect wonders

― Henry David Thoreau

Overall, the ART Matrix path is a holistic exploration of wholehearted living. It is anchored in the creation of a conscious, authentic, healthy existence. I embrace this and reflect it in my writing and life, with a candidly personal, academic and courageously, spiritual perspective.

Note: Poetry is celebrated specifically on the Power of Poetry Page. Updates to this site and the poetry page happen daily so please read and stay tuned:)

With an intentional attitude, I embrace learning and living a soulfully conscious, authentic, intelligent, simple and joy-filled life. And, I write about planting seeds that do just that!

🕊 Namasté, Leah

Leah J, M.Ed. Psychology writer/artist/teacher
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