The Vagabond Path

The Vagabond Path

The vagabond path is a soulful, wholehearted journey. It’s about holistic health and authentic, passionate personal growth. We can choose to live in the spirit of truth. This is a truth which heals, challenges, connects and awakens our inner spirits. This is your truth and your unique path.

this is the holistic exploration of mind, body, heart, soul, and spirit

In the image of the ‘wild woman/man archetype’, as we embrace life as free, unconditioned souls we enliven intuitive, empathetic and instinctual foundations.

Being aware, we slowly free ourselves from the tethers of oppression and mentally unhealthy environments. Those are the ones which bind us to identities not true to our genuine selves. The possible outcomes are identity issues, mental health issues, self-esteem issues and reaching-your-potential issues.

In living with greater vulnerability, passion and authenticity, we move forward in the reclamation of our souls. Our identity, core values and personal truths follow in tandem. This is an intertwining of reason with passion. The mind and emotions need to be active and balanced parts of our lives.

Like the wolf, a healthy existence includes being robust in having a creative, active life-force. With imagination we roam with inventive minds which are responsive rather than reactive.

Instead of living in fear, we speak openly about vulnerability and shame. This is with a voice relative to our unique essence and with dignity to empower it and to use it, freely.

the ART of living within an Ironic Existence

~ Frida’s pain evolved into surrealist, infamous self-portraits ~
~ Beethoven’s vibrations became legendary musical scores ~
~ Keller’s essence etched a life of brave passion

Each was a potentially painful fear-cave–a lost potential of beauty and creative gifting. 

Understand your choice: realize the rhetoric
and extend your own mindful, creative gifts and pay them forward.

Directly we have the option of enriching
soul-and-wisdom-nourishing journeys.

Realizing your potential

On the path of the vagabond we enhance the opportunity to realize our potentials. We take charge of the narrative of our life and soul stories.

Each of us is the writer, editor, protagonist and creative of our identity-narratives  when embraced and reflected authentically with our voices.

Each of us is the writer, editor, protagonist and creative of our identity-narratives  when embraced and reflected authentically with our voices. .


creating the path through time and space
from which your strength is drawn
where you feel most at home
the place at which
you are your
most authentic self

Story-telling, through writing, speaking, and art are essential to engaging our playful spirit. Philosophy, fairy tales, myths, poetry, stories, nature and art expands creative discovery and awareness. These heighten our capacity for devotion, a keen sensing and empowered voices.

We want to bring to the fore, deeper issues that are important. These include the archetypal, the intuitive, the sexual, the emotional, the cyclical and the creative fire.

segui il tuo corso et lascia dir le genti!
follow your own path and let people talk


the vision of the Art Matrix Path

The vision of the Art Path is to engage in life with creative, mindful, insightful contemplation. This is a path to strengthen the our voices. This involves deepening our understandings and determination of identity-narratives, worldviews and core values.

Through the conscious, free flow of chakra energy, we deepen our connections within and with others, authentically. We do so without straying from our inner truths.

Three key ingredients

1 ~🕊The Art

The ART involves cycling through the matrix , accepting, reflecting, and transforming  as inherent parts of our human journey.
A — accepting (with thought expansion)
R — reflecting (not fusing, with mindful contemplation)
T — transforming (identity narrative, core values and your lived experiences)

2 ~ 🕊The Matrix

On this journey, we explore and discover attributes of the Matrix — body, mind, heart, soul and spirit.

3 ~ 🕊The Em-power Tools

This powerful box of strategies is intended to integrate knowledge, experience and understandings. There are 7 tools which I consider to be most vital to mental health and positive lives:

Intentions, Mindfulness, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Symbols, Writing and Reading.

The Gestalt

This is a holistic perspective. We bring the five parts of the matrix together to nurture our passions and authentic potentials.

With these tools we engage in extensive psychic-archaeological digs into the truths of our most authentic selves–our deepest natural essence.

~ namasté, Leah J. 🕊

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🕊 embracing mindful, empowering transformations🕊

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