Let the journey begin

Let the journey begin, here, by welcoming you to the A.R.T. Project! This is where we talk about the empowering our lives by fully engaging the identity matrix — body, mind, heart, soul, and spirit.

A.R.T. is the helix of acceptance, reflections and transformation. It is a truth-seeking, interconnected, holistic framework of powerful, authentic living, with integrity.

The creative side of the A.R.T. project is essential to move past habitual patterns. With deeper reflections through imagination and freer explorations, we ground ourselves in the genuine essence of who we are. 

Transform who you with the unearthing of your authentic power, sourced from within. Emerging values of the spirit turn our psychology and philosophy into a spiritual journey, transforming our daily lives. Own it:)

 you are an interconnected matrix

5 parts of your identity matrix ~

3 A. R. T. processes ~

5 tools for discovery and empowerment ~


5 guiding principles ~


5 essentials ~

1 ~ intentionally strive to be fully self-aware

First, strive to be self-aware and understand who you are at your core. Explore your strengths and weaknesses. Investigate your body, mind, heart and spirit.

You have an accumulation of experiences, practical, sensory and intuitive knowledge that conditions your thinking, emotions and behaviour. These conditional ways of being can manifest in ways that impact on your well-being.

It is essential to ask, “Who am I?” and have and open mind in the discovery process in order to fully know yourself and make changes for the better. Don’t let fear and being vulnerable stand in your path of reaching your potential. Be engaged in the full realm of your identity-matrix.

2 ~ consciously seek knowledge, understandings and truths

Expand your knowledge and truth for insightful understandings of the world around you. Become a philosopher of life asking questions. instil your imaginative skills to enhance the expanse of alternative solutions. We create new paths for our journeys.

When we illuminate the darkness we bring in the light by being discerning, honestly reflective, and clear-minded.

Consciousness is the energy which enables the creation of ideas.

3 ~ find balance and connections

Practice embodied and down-to-earth spirituality. Integrate spiritual practice with psychological growth and healing. Use both logic and intuition. Experience the feminine along with the masculine. Understand the principles of Tao and the yin-yang within and surrounding you.


Ground spirituality in daily life. Seek to unify all parts of your nature. Bring nature into your life as a dominant environment for exploration of your soul as well as other parts of your identity matrix.

Be prepared to work towards forgiving and letting go as you make meaningful connections.

Inherently, we seek the wholeness, balance, and and cohesive connections within and with the world. By respecting both your wild nature and eternal soul, you are permitting yourself to be both human and divine.

4 ~ become your own nurturing other



Be passionate and sincere in a wholehearted, empathetic and compassionate way.  Be genuine, open, receptive, and humble.

Pay attention to your intentions and strive to aim towards joy, balance and harmony.

Nurture yourself and be attentive to all of your needs.

Become your own best friend. Practice self-compassion and self-acceptance with intrinsic trust and self-respect, unconditionally.

5 ~ be authentic, with integrity

Consider the fact that you are unique. Gain deep knowledge of what this really is. Find your truths and treasure them. Embrace this and take the path less traveled as long as it is genuine reflection of your truths from your body, mind, heart, soul and spirit. Challenge the status quo and venture into non-conformity. Don’t try to be someone you’re not.

Practice radical authenticity as you take agency over your identity-narrative.  Do what feels true and honest to you. Listen to your calling and defend your authenticity, passionately and with integrity.

…with intention to joy and harmony…


The approach to a good life has risen out of the historical and philosophical debris – the idea of eudaimonic well-being.

Aristotle was the originator of the concept of eudaimonia (from daimon – true nature). He deemed happiness to be a vulgar idea, stressing that not all desires are worth pursuing as, even though some of them may yield pleasure, they would not produce wellness.

Aristotle thought that true happiness is found by leading a virtuous life and doing what is worth doing. He argued that realizing human potential is the ultimate human goal.

This idea was further developed in history by prominent thinkers, such as Stoics, who stressed the value of self-discipline, and John Locke, who argued that happiness is pursued through prudence.

…with the 5 E’s (essentials)…

~ Erfahrung ~

your experience and knowledge accumulated over time

 You reflect on your experiences and knowledge base as opportunities to learn from them and transform.

~ Ereignis ~

you see with clarity the interconnections in life that surrounds you

You are consciously seeking knowledge, understandings and truths.

 ~ Equilibrium ~

you find balance in opposing forces

You forgive and let go as you bring meaning, balance and connections to the fore.

 ~ Erlebnis ~

you fully engaged in specific lived experiences

You know yourself better as you accept, reflect, and transform becoming the agent of your identity-narrative.

 ~ Eudaimonia ~

you find contentment and fulfilment

with an intentional attitude,

right livelihood, action and thoughts

You passionately hold your values and identity authentically, with integrity.


In this process of discovery, we accept the light and the dark, chaos and order, and the imperfect nature of being human. As we reflect, through meditation and insightful contemplation, we engage in creative and critical thinking.

Practice embodied and down-to-earth spirituality. Integrate spiritual practice with psychological growth and healing.  Use both logic and intuition. Ground spirituality in daily life. Seek to unify all parts of your nature.

~ Respect both your wild nature and eternal soul ~

In doing so you are permitting yourself to be both human and divine.
Push the ego out of the way and let your soul and spiritual energies awaken with potency. Spend more time with nature where you are open to truths that are more genuine.

Watch for symbols that come to you by way of epiphanies, revelations or images. Dreams are valuable sources of archetypal images for soul-work and realizations. Accept these as opportunities for deep reflection which enable transformations.

Transformation is the evolution and adaption of the way we were, in history, even minutes ago, towards identity-narratives and core values that fit better. It involves lessening the role of the ego and liberating the soul.

The health of your mind, body, heart, soul, and spirit are improved and that is your goal. They work together in a cohesive interconnecting matrix–each affecting the other.


planting the seeds for transformation

I have great faith in a seed

convince me that you have a seed there


I am prepared to expect wonders

― Henry David Thoreau

Overall, the A.R.T. Project is anchored in the creation of a conscious, authentic, healthy existence. I embrace this and reflect it in my writing and life, with a candidly personal, academic and courageously, spiritual perspective.

Bringing this to you is my way of honouring my purpose — to speak holistically, from my mind, heart and soul. Doing soul-work is deepened when we extend our place of learning, from within, to the natural world and the worlds with others.

With an intentional attitude, I embrace learning and living a soulfully conscious, authentic, intelligent, simple and joy-filled life.

And, I write about planting seeds that do just that!


Namasté, Leah

© 2019 Leah J Spence, M.Ed. Psychology writer/artist/teacher
The ART of Living the Matrix 

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