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The Power of Poetry

There is a power in poetry that takes us to places deeper and more prophetic than do other genres. Hegel wrote that poetry provides the richest and most concrete expression of spiritual freedom. Poetry is capable of showing spiritual freedom both as concentrated inwardness contemplation and as a movement through space and time.

What is important in the art of poetry and what clearly marks it off from prose is thus the musical ordering of words themselves or versification. Poetry does rise from the heart in the creation of wisdom through imaginative contemplation.

Einstein made a point of emphasizing the importance of the imagination in the creation of alternative ways of thinking. It is thus at the root of intelligence and human evolution.

Rumi and other masters of poetic endeavours give us opportunities to delve more deeply into our understandings of love, the heart and the soul.

Poetry, both in writing and reading the works of others, has been intrinsically intertwined with my journey into greater holistically well-being.


The evolving collection of my poetic explorations can be found here on the Medium page.

Most recent is the celebration of NaPoWriMo, 30-Day Poetry Challenge for National Poetry Writing Month. Some are newly written this month and others are part of a wider collection as I began the challenge a bit later into the month. Next year, I will begin April 1st (no joke:).🕊 Namasté, Leah

Thank you for reading and please stay tuned!

namasté, Leah J🕊

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