Authentic transformations empower you to holistic alignment your 5-part identity ‘matrix’.  Transformation of fear and doubt into love and trust is the foundation of this alignment. In this process core values and the connections within the matrix of body, mind, heart, soul and spirit are strengthened. 

Journeys through watershed moments of trauma and joy are both opportunities for enlightenment and transformation. Emotional awareness in the presence of emotional pain can be transformative.

The more consciously engaged you are, the stronger the foundations and connections of this matrix can be. Living according to your authentic identity-narrative opens the door to a passionate exploration of life and the matrix that is you!

Emily Dickinson: time and eternity

my cocoon tightens, colours tease,

I’m feeling for the air

a dim capacity for wings

degrade the dress I wear


a power of butterfly must be

the aptitude to fly

meadows of majesty concedes

and easy sweeps of the sky


so I must baffle at the hint

and cipher at the sign

and make much blunder, if at last

I take the clew divine.

transformation of your gestalt

The gestalt of you includes mind, body, health, soul and spirit. In my blog posts and related reading reviews listed in The Reading Room, we delve into these attributes in more detail and from different perspectives. Empowering yourself would involve a diverse set of opportunities to grow within. Joy and compassion, creativity, mindfulness, philosophy, symbols and images, all offer opportunity for expanding your awareness and potential.

Transformation is not about just re-organizing the parts of your current collection of personal attributes. It is about changing the parts as well as  the whole.

transformation brings the genuine you into reality

The A. R. T. Gestalt

For marked changes to take place, all parts of the Gestalt need to make sense to you. They need to connect in a personally, meaningful way. We accept, reflect, and transform in an interconnected helix of experiences.

Building on active processes of acceptance and reflection, you begin realize and actualize, with greater self-confidence, what ‘matters’ to you. Core values become easier to identity and embrace in an empowering way.

In the A.R.T. Project blog posts, I bring different ideas, thoughts, strategies and skills to guide transitioning into a healthy, well-connected, genuine you. And not only will you become more interconnected within, but you also begin to recognize the inter

the 5 E’s or essentials of a healthy matrix

With intentional attitudes we transform the attributes of being human, using the ART processes creating the 5 E’s at the heart of a well-balanced, identity-narrative gestalt:


— ethical foundations


— clarity and connectedness


— balance of opposing forces


—  fully engaged in lived experiences


— contentment achieved through right action and thoughts

transformation into le papillon …

Letting go and being vulnerable, open and exposed can ironically empowered you. You build a more confident voice and stance in the world.

The butterfly emerges as it is turned upside down from a twig or a leaf. It spins into a shiny chrysalis of a gold, metallic sheen.

Like the caterpillar transforming into a butterfly, you are given wings to fly.

…. is a radical transformation

identity change in the cocoon

chrysalis time of greatest transition to second cocoon

call to the chrysalis transformational 

imaginable buds

imagined image of self

imagining flight

destiny unknown to ego 

buds are the soul to the uninitiated ego 

you prepare to die once the soul is wrapped in the cocoon 


le papillon


the call to adventure

say yes 

and trust inner guides, intuition and resources

the survival dance and the sacred dance

each of us has a survival dance and a sarcred dance

survival dance must come first 

 foundational component towards self-reliance 

right livelihood said the Buddha

finding a patron for your art, soulcraft

for the wander — inward and outward

north, south, east, west 

You know it because you feel born to do it

thank the opportunity to do this sacred dance

your soul wants  what the world needs

with transformation

gradually give up survival dance

and fully embrace the sacred dance of your soul

…  with an intentional, flexible, creative attitude

As we navigate through different life experience, we are continually accepting, reflecting and transforming our knowledge, values, identity and voice. Strengthening  is the first step. Then, with an awareness that we personally embody those values we take them with us into the world.

There, in our connections with others, we reflect and strategically adjust to find balance and cohesion, both intrinsically and extrinsically. By being actively involved in the process, we stay both conscious and authentic.

Being true to my values involves growth, adaption and transformation. It is a continually evolving process that shakes things up and forces us to reflect and adjust our habitual ways of existing.

Namasté, Leah

© 2019 Leah J Spence, M.Ed. Psychology writer/artist/teacher
The ART of Living the Matrix

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