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This is the journey towards empowering your matrix of life. Living the ART of the matrix — body, mind, heart, soul and spirit — is about unravelling and continually ‘re-booting.’ It is about conscious integration of the A. R. T. of accepting, reflections and transformations.

This is a truth-seeking, interconnected, holistic framework of authentic living, with integrity.

Utterly fearless and uninhibited,
it is,
this consciousness, that
brings into manifestation and,
sustains the infinite variety of beings

it is ever dynamic and active
yet more unaffected by such activity
than space

–Yoga Vashishtha

By engaging with the tools for discovery and empowerment —  intention to joy and compassion, creativity, mindfulness, philosophy, and, symbols and images — we develop deeper levels of self-awareness and in worlds of personal and collective consciousness.

The A. R. T. Project blog is anchored in acceptance, reflection, and transformation of the identity matrix of body, mind, heart, soul, spirit.

Life is a journey through time and space. It is an interconnecting matrix, best embraced with an intention to joy and compassion, creativity, mindfulness, philosophy, psychology and understandings of how symbols and images. Each of these enhance our understandings of our personal and collective consciousness and human existence.

Continually seeking duma,otinsight, thoughts and knowledge for deeper awareness, connections and understandings. These are essential for expanding mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing.

The vision is to create a down-to-earth approach to healing mind, body and soul through holistic living.

Personal branding is a form of identity development. It is part of the A. R. T. Project as we explore our identity narratives.

The web pages, the blog posts and the reading room all fall under the A. R. T. Project, Identity Matrix, and Tools for Empowerment categories and tags.

Blog Topics


Before we reflect and transform, we accept what is. An ‘artful’ existence emphasizes actively and mindfully embracing all parts of your life–as it is now and in the past.

Acceptance is an alternative to avoidance.


Reflections on lived experiences is like gathering ‘artifacts’ from an archaeological dig.

It involves careful, insightful investigation and contemplation. This is built on acceptance and the expansion of your awareness, overall.


Transformations of your conditioned matrix, energy centers and core values with conscious awareness builds a more authentic identity.

Being true to your core values involves growth, adaption and transformation. It is a continually evolving process that shakes things up and forces us to reflect and adjust our habitual ways of existing.

The Body

Life is a human matrix and the body is but one part of the whole.  Each element needs to be balanced, connected and fulfilled for overall health.Real, holistic healing involves grounding our psychological and spiritual discoveries into the physical reality of our existence.

The body needs to be nurtured and cared for as much as the other four parts of the matrix. It is just as divine and mysterious as anything else in existence. Our bodies are important bridges between earth and spirit.

As spiritual beings, we are having human experiences. It is essential that the physical vessels that are our homes stay healthy and vital.

The Mind

The mind, is one of five key elements of your identity matrix, plays a vital role in lived experiences. It enhances essential balancing, connecting and meaning-making.The mind can be used as either a tool of creation or  destruction. 

The mind helps us to organize, plan, comprehend, create, visualize, discern, and use logic. But, on the other hand, the unruly mind can be illogical, ignorant, prejudiced, hateful, illogical and deluded. The mind can be used as either a tool of creation or  destruction.

Reflective and transformative practices and experiences influence well-being, creativity, intuition, and extraordinary human capacities.

Essentially, all our suffering originates in the mind and the unexamined thoughts, beliefs, mindsets, defense mechanisms, and wounds that we carry.

The Heart

The heart in the identity matrix plays a vital role in lived experiences. The heart symbolizes our connections with the spirit as it transcends the mind.

The heart symbolizes our connections with others. It reflects courage, vulnerability, gratitude, compassion and empathy. In essence, our hearts opens us to the world around us.

It is the heart, which is the doorway to the soul. When we are in tune with our hearts, then, we are connected with the wise, visceral, and instinctual energy of intuition.

Our hearts are what connect us with others, help us walk the most authentic paths, show love, forgiveness, and compassion, and reveal what is invisible to the eye. In essence, our hearts expand us.

But, our hearts can also become contracted through life circumstances. Pain, trauma, heartbreak, and toxic core beliefs all cause the heart to become closed or shut off from life.

The Soul

The soul is the spiritual essence of you.  It is the part of you that transcends the mind and is connected to spirit.

The soul as spirit manifested as yin/Shakti energy (soul) of the yang/Shiva energy (spirit).

In other words, everything in this physical realm has a soul or an essence. It is your higher, most genuine Self. It contains all the wisdom, guidance, and nourishment that you need on this earth.

The Spirit

Fundamentally important is the spirit. This is the canvas on which the entire expanse of creation and the universe dances.

This transcends the mind and ego and is the womb of all life. Everything arises and returns to this great force.

The Spirit is at the core of most religious and spiritual movements and traditions. God, Brahma, Tao, Void, Oneness, and Infinite Consciousness are only some of the universal forces that people use to refer to the spirit.

Most importantly, an enlightened or ‘illuminated’ person is one who has united with Spirit and transcended the ego mind. It dwells in all things, and yet, it is the greatest mystery known to life.

Joy and Compassion

Joy with compassion, for self and others, is one of the 5 tools of discovery and empowerment in building your identity matrix.

The A.R.T. project is a truth-seeking, interconnected, holistic framework of authentic living, with integrity, through which joy and compassion are expanded.

Joie de vivre is a french phrase for joy of living to express a cheerful enjoyment of life. It can be a joy of conversation, joy of eating, joy of anything one might do…

And joie de vivre may be seen as a joy of everything, a comprehensive joy, a philosophy of life, a Weltanschauung.

To say ‘I am here’ is to say ‘I am.’

Art and Creativity

Creativity is one of the 5 tools of discovery and empowerment in building your identity matrix.

Creativity is intrinsically part of being human. Yet, it sometimes takes conscious effort to make it a natural part of personal growth.

Engaging with the creative arts and creative thinking is one of the most powerful healing experience for many. When expressing thoughts and emotions words is difficult, the arts offer a mechanism to lower stress and anxiety, relax and feel calmer and happier, and to connect with yourself on a deeper level.

The traditional healing arts include art, music, dance/movement, poetry/writing and drama therapies.

Being attuned to your intuitive, subconscious mind opens you to a ‘voice’ that whispers to you. In doing so, we let our creative spirt move beyond the boundaries of the mind and the world around you.


Mindfulness is a powerful tool to expand your awareness and engage in personal growth.

It does depend on your intentions. It is one of the 5 tools of discovery and empowerment


Your philosophy is one of the 5 tools of discovery and empowerment. It rests in your core values and identity narrative.

Engaging in philosophy a conscience worldview and set of core values that involves one’s whole being. It is essentially driven by questions and need for learning about Self and the world.

Symbols and Images

Symbols, images and totems are one group of tools in the 5 tools of discovery and empowerment.

Symbols can appear to us as archetypes in dreams. They are in fact images in our subconscious world.

Intuited symbols such as the ones in dreams are not rationally created. They represent essential tools to understanding life and are integrated into our spiritual journeys.

Life is inherently symbolic so I include the interpretations of symbols, images and language so we can learn from them.

For instance, to run with the wolf is to run in the shadows, the dark ray of life, survival and instinct. It is living with a fierceness that is both proud and lonely. The will to take one’s place in the world.

The Reading Room

I feature books, articles and blog posts that I hope will open the doors to soul-ful exploration and discovery.

Reading encourages me to explore deeper awareness and understanding, finding balance and connection in life and thinking. Therefore, you will find the books in the following ‘sections’:

The A. R. T. Project Reading Section: reviews relating to acceptance, reflection and transformation

The Identity Matrix Reading Section: reviews relating to body, mind, heart, soul and spirit

The Tools of Discovery and Empowerment Reading Section: reviews relating to joy & compassion, creativity, mindfulness, philosophy, symbols & images

I am very fortunate to have read many book, an article, or a blog post that completely and deeply resonates with me.

My truths and understandings connect intuitively to the author’s words. I share these books and my reviews with you to invite you into the process of expanding your thinking.

Please send me your insights and recommendations so I can expand and share my readings and understandings through the review of alternative perspectives.

and it all works together….

Integrate spiritual practice with psychological growth and healing. Practice embodied and down-to-earth spirituality. Use logic and intuition.

As in the parable of Shiva and Shakti–the twin realities. We have the soul as consciousness flowing through all life forms. The chakra energies are spiritual energies which need to flow efficiently for spiritual, psychological, emotional and physical wellness.

Thus, in the inter-connective nature of the matrix, we ground spirituality into our daily life.

Wholeness includes using our minds, bodies and environment inclusively. When we find balance within, in this most physical world, we can better connect to and balance the spiritual energies.

We seek to unify all parts of our nature, and in doing so, make meaningful connections, live passionately and compassionately.

Namaste, LeahJ

~ sharing the A.R.T. of the healing journey in the matrix of bodymindheartsoul and spirit

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