~ a journey of three degrees

book ~ A Journey of Three Degrees (Riverside 1)
author ~ A. L. Kent
genre ~ fiction, novel, romance, YA
read and reviewed by Leah Spence

A Journey of Three Degrees (Riverside 1) by A. L. Kent

synopsis: of this coming-of-age story

The protagonist’s journey from youth into adulthood is full of obstacles and ‘trials’. Anna (conveyed by Kent in 1st person) shifts from the relative shelter of home/college life to the ‘reality’ of ‘being-in=the-world; with ‘others.’

It is a journey of understanding and transformation. Is this an accidental one based on fate and nature or is it founded on her moral and rational qualities? Does she have some conscious impact on creating her path and identity or is this being orchestrated for her? That would depend on the author’s and the reader’s views on self-determinism and free will.

~ beyond realism: destiny is a matter of choice and determinism

In philosophy, realism intertwines existence, interactions, and independence. At its purest form, as in natural realism, it is without choice or imaginative idealism.

Being with him like this is so unreal, so dreamlike. It is as if our moments alone take place on another plane. I wish I didn’t have to return to regular life, When breakfast is ready, we smile at each other as we sit at his oval table eating and sharing our final hour until next week.

A. L. Kent, A Journey of Three Degrees

Naturalism, a form of realism, suggests that social conditions, heredity, and environment are inescapable forces shaping human characters. Idealism would have characters/individuals having control for universal truths. In other words,. they do not exist entirely outside the mind.

In this book, Anna is gradually developing an understanding that she has capacity for autonomy with sense perception, cognition and decision-making. It is a matrix of realism and idealism themed around love, friends, relationships, family, women’s fiction and romance.

I think, therefore I am.

René Descarte

In pure literary realism, authors chose to depict everyday life, banal activities and experiences as they appear to our senses This is an alternative to fantasy, abstractions, or idealized, romanticized setting, plot and characters. And yet….

I am certain that I can have no knowledge of what is outside me
except by means of the ideas
I have within me.

~ Guillaume Gibieuf

A Journey of Three Degrees is a lovely YA novel of idealistic temptations pushing the boundaries of, what might otherwise be, ‘reality.’

Hemingway Editor reading level 5

From the perspective of the youthful reader, “The Journey’ is a highly relatable story embracing the scope of this critical stage of development. Core values, intimacy, body image, relationships, and independence are topics Kent aptly addresses within the central theme of this book.


4.7 hearts
for A Journey of Three Degrees (Riverside 1)
by A. L. Kent

Happy reading!

~ namasté, Leah J. 🕊

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