~ a map to otherworld: the guide to meditative shamanic journeying

book review

A Map to Otherworld: The Guide to Meditative Shamanic Journeying
by Rebekah Gamble
genre ~ nonfiction, religion & spirituality
read and reviewed by Leah Spence
the big idea
A Map to Otherworld: The Guide to Meditative Shamanic Journeying is one of the four books included in my literature review on the same theme. From an alternate perspective, Rebekah Gamble includes the topics and themes under the personal healing, self-knowledge and heightened awareness umbrella. It explores healing, energy flow through visualizations, grounding energy, and meditation. Further, it offer unique perspectives on integrating and balancing chakra energy through body, mind and soul.

good to know

Personalized writing:
~ personal, familial ties and experiences in mixed cultures that included shamanism as well as other religious and secular practices
~ reflects openly on the pros and cons of these experiences in present day, mainstream, western ‘white’ culture
~ shares practical strategies on how to prepare to journey and suggested journeys
~ talks of how to journey within your body and mind from her personal experiences and practices with clients
~ very focused on the tangible in the realm of the senses and also guides on the layers of dreams
~ focus on setting up a community for exploring journeying and opens the door with an email, website and other ideas for making connections in supportive groups

shamanism refers to that work that is partnering with the spirits

Hemingway reading passage: graded 7 and up

~ on the importance of integrity according to Laughing Crow

“Integrity is different from telling the truth. It is knowing who you are, knowing what your purpose and goals are, and acting in accordance with that. Someone who has integrity is honest by nature because there is no need to lie. Who they are within and how they act outwardly is consistent. Without integrity you cannot make a commitment to anything and actually keep it because you don’t even know who you are, what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. You must have integrity to do shamanic work. Integrity comes from experience, introspection and time. This ties into responsibility. It is important to decide what your intentions are with the book at the outset.”

~ Rebekah Gamble

first journey to the axis mundi: strategies for shamanic visualizations

Rebekah Gamble suggests for students new to journeying, to visualize yourself as a tree, rooted solidly in the earth. Spiderweb and waterway images are also offered as suggested navigational pathways.

Whichever you choose, get to know it, with all the senses. Know the colours, the look of the branches, root systems and leaves, the texture and colours of the bark. Notice if it bears berries, cones, fruit, or nothing. The visualizations are very constructive, descriptive and easy to use.

attentive, meditative awareness

The shamanic root system pulls and directs your spiritual energy currents out from the body and safely down into the ground. A simple method I work with begins by finding somewhere comfortable where I can sit upright in a chair. Then, I firmly plant the soles of the feet on the ground. I visualize that I am building a strong root system emerging from my feet and burrowing deep down into the ground below me. This root system is metaphysical and constructed from subtle energy which requires an attentive, meditative awareness.

When we combine body, mind and soul energies, they need a different sort of grounding. In order to remove the energy from the body and ground it safely. Safe soul-work really needs a solid foundation of knowledge, understand and a supportive community. Dormant, albeit strong energies can lead to emotional and energetic unstable states, whether repressed or in the clearing process.


4.2 stars for A Map to Otherworld: A Guide to Meditative Shamanic Journeying by Rebekah Gamble

This is the easiest to read book of the four in the literature review theme. Yet it is definitely, an insightful, responsible, guide to begin your navigation into the spirit world. And, a keeper for maintaining a balanced practice in a friendly community of like-minded others on the healing journey.

~ namasté, Leah J. 🕊

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