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A Shamanic Kundalini Awakening by Brendan King
genre ~ nonfiction, religion & spirituality
read and reviewed by Leah Spence
the big idea

the big idea

A Shamanic Kundalini Awakening is one of the four books included in my literature review on the same theme. From an alternate perspective, this book includes the topics and themes under the personal healing, self-knowledge and heightened awareness umbrella.

King explores healing, energy flow through visualizations, grounding energy, and meditation from both eastern and western philosophies. Further, he offers unique perspectives with a kundalini slant on integrating and balancing chakra energy through body, mind and soul.

One of the most attractive features of King’s book is the way he wrote as though he was telling a story. It read like an autobiography wrapped around the ‘big idea’ of the important benefits of shamanic kundalini awakening.

For King, this ‘awakening’ was more of a series of awakenings integrates into the ‘normal’ course of his life. From my experiences and understandings, that is what enlightenment is all about. It is not an end goal but often seemingly simple moments of realizations happening in conscious, very human lives. King portrays this skillfully in his highly personal reflections making difficult concepts relatable. He quotes Gopi Krisha: Kundalini is the super-intelligent energy behind consciousness

Looking first at this rather ‘cosmic’ aspect, it is perhaps too huge a leap, writes King, For even the most Cartesian mind, it stretches thinking to consider that there may be a primal creative energetic force behind all the phenomena of the known universe, as yet unidentified by western science.

In terms of the Matrix, this ‘super-intelligent energy’ is ‘spirit’ and ‘consciousness’ is the human soul realm of connection with that spiritual energy.

good to know

kundalini awakening: The mechanics of an awakening are as follows. The kundalini energy is rooted at the base of the spine. It moves up through the chakras located on the spine, into the brainstem and then the brain. Through the pineal and pituitary glands, the energy travels until it is perceived as exiting the head in the area known as the fontnel.

differences between kundalini and shamanic awakening: Kundalini awakening is the process of enlightenment, bringing the person home into self-realization. Shamanic awakening is primarily about creating an individual that can be an intermediary between here and the spirit worlds. That is a basic overview. King gets much more detailed about these two different but equally mysterious processes.

Hemingway Editor reading passage grade 10 and up ~ here is sample:

So it can be seen, from this by no means comprehensive list of examples, that kundalini is a fundamental principle underlying various shamanisms of the world and also the source and goal of spiritual science of yoga. Both kundalini and shamanic awakening bring the individual into awareness of the illusory nature of reality. If we take the analogy of water as pure consciousness, then what we experience here is snow. Here consciousness is condensed, you can shape and mold snow in ways that you can’t water in its pure state. It is this way so we are not overwhelmed. Both yogi and shaman learn to navigate the waters of consciousness, they learn to swim where others might drown. Until, through our yearning to return home, we awaken the goddess within, we remain as children, playing in the snow.

Brendan King

Both shamanic and kundalini practices and awakenings can bring intense emotional energies rising to the surface. And I emphasis that this is a key reason for reading each of these books and more before venturing into the deeper levels of energy healing. You can experience difficult to manage responses to suppressed grievances and traumas that have never been fully acknowledged, processed or resolved.

From this book, I gather that kundalini is a much more esoteric than the more tangible, in-this-world shamanic approaches to awakening. I find that King, though, does a very good job of balancing the abstract with philosophical and scientific, concrete references and discussions.

4.8 hearts for A Shamanic Kundalini Awakening by Brendan King

For a more comprehensive book discussing both Shamanic and kundalini journeying considering east-west traditions, King’s book is a must read. it is a heavier read than the other three books in the literature review on this same theme. Yet, it is also a uniquely insightful, relatable and essential addition to a holistic healing library,

~ namasté, Leah J. 🕊

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