~ Diary of a Dream

dream is long enough
search for the ultimate truth
reason is endless

Esha Sharan

cover matters

book ~ Diary of a Dream: a haiku collection
author ~ Esha Sharan
genre ~ literature & fiction > poetry

dreams unravelling the mysteries of the mind

In this book review on Diary of a Dream, we read haiku poetry written by Esha Sharan. I found the collection to be a heart-felt narration inspiring reflections on the mysteries of life. The genre of poetry, with its inherent abstractions and metaphorical language pushes us to more personalize our perceptions in the interpretations. The diary of the dream fuels more conscious openings of windows to the mysteries of life, mind, and soul.


If you have taken some time to explore the world of haiku writing, you will quickly learn that it is a creative, challenging style of poetry. The Oxford dictionary defines a haiku as a Japanese poem of seventeen syllables. This is shaped into three lines in the order of five, seven, and five syllables. Traditionally, this style of poetry evokes images of the natural world.

emotions and the human condition

In Diary of a Dream, the poems tend to be more of the senryu haiku style. The difference between the senryu and the traditional haiku is that the senryu is usually written in present tense. The topics or themes of this more human haiku tend to be on emotions or human nature/condition. Esha’s poems seem to effectively weave the haiku and senryu haiku formats. For example:

the wondering moon
reflected meandering heart,
black and silver light

Esha Sharan


I get the sense that each haiku is part of a bigger picture. Diary of a Dream, seems to be a journey of truth-seeking through life, one haiku at a time forming the narration of a story–Esha’s story. And in our translation of the poetry we put ourselves into the narrative. For example, here I weave together some of Esha’s lines to create a narrative of the story I can ‘hear’ through her poetry.

…”dream the ultimate truth … know my very self … no shallow one can take them …(although) … waves of doubt hugged my shore … (and) … I stood alone in the tumult…

This is indicative of the way the reader’s own mind, soul, and life can be unravelled in the personal translation of poetry. There is indeed, a power in poetry!

a reminescence
they’re, but knows my very self
afore me of I

Esha Sharan
5 hearts for Diary of a Dream — for Esha Sharan, a friend in deed, when my dreams were in need:)

Pleasant dreams!

~ namasté, Leah J. 🕊

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