~ a book review: goldenheart: how to love humanity

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cover matter

book ~ GoldenHeart: How to Love Humanity
author ~ Christina Goebel
genre ~ nonfiction, self-help, inspirational
read and reviewed by Leah Spence
the big idea

the big idea (theme)

Christina Goebel’s, Goldenheart, is highly inspirational, self-help book. It embraces the core values of respect and compassion for self and others, for the human condition, family, and the global. community. As with all of the books I read, I find a way to personally connect with the author’s message and reading material. The big idea pulls the reader into the discussion of the most important message ….

… on self-respect, equality, compassion and humanity

As a teacher of children and youth, in mainstream education as well as special education I observed such a wide range of giftedness and disabilities, even when a student was ‘identified’ as one or the other. The most gifted student would also have areas that were weaker.

~ on multiple intelligences/voices/gifts

So, I focused not on the label but on the individual. My master’s degree and education projects included the creation of individual portfolios built on responsibility, self-esteem, Gardner’s multiple intelligences, group dynamics, and growth mindsets.

In the classrooms, like Goebel, I also observed a such a wide range of abilities and strategies people use to reason, communicate, and generally function in their environments. Bringing this to the attention of even school-aged children helps them better understand themselves and work with others, respectfully and compassionately. They learned that the individual, small groupings, and larger communities benefits from respecting this variety of abilities and skills. Further, and Goebel concurs, they learn that we need them all


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Happy reading!

~ namasté, Leah J. 🕊

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