~ innogen forest

book ~ Innogen Forest
author ~ Camilla Margiana
genre ~ fiction, novel, fantasy, tragedy, mysticism
read and reviewed by Leah Spence
the big idea

the big idea (theme)

The YA novel, Innogen Forest by Camilla Margiana has roots in the Shakespeare play of Cymbeline. It carries forward a tale of folklore and mysticism. I would categorize Innogen Forest more along the lines of literary fiction for it’s creative use of language and researched foundations.

The big idea or statement about life, in Innogen Forest, seems to revolve around good vs. evil, with hopes of transforming hearts and mind, for a better world.

As the night continues to grow dark, the glow of the light of the fog begins to become otherworldly. The iridescent glow that once shone with the light of the sun, is now emanating it’s own light. Aquila is cutting a path of light through the forest. Her swift skipping and seemingly floating movement forward is transforming the mist, and the entire forest around her … As if in a bubble of light, this lone innogen taps into the source of energy that brings the forest aline for all who live within it. She has tapped into its magic.

Camilla Margiana, Innogen Forest
Hemingway Editor graded reading level: 6/7

synopsis of Shakespeare’s Cymbeline

King Cymbeline rules over Britain under the protection of Rome. His kingdom must pay tribute. The king learns that his only daughter, Imogen, has secretly married a man of lower birth/social ranking.

The new husband, Posthumum Leonatus had been adopted as an orphan and raised with the Cymbeline family. As Imogen’s fidelity is questioned, everyone puts on some sort of disguise, revelations abound at the end.

on Margiana’s Innogen Forest

Margiana’s book is skillfully written and clearly founded on thorough research.to create this captivating, enjoyable tale. Along with the Otherworld, we read of a forest people, of knights, nymphs, and spryts. These magical creatures claim it is the motion and faith of your path that bring this other dimension to life.

The story builds on the themes of good vs evil, love and betrayal, innocence, jealousy with an interesting mix of reality and magical journeys. .Aquila’s path brings visions of the Otherworld with her lyrical poetic chants and prose in hopes of transforming hearts and minds.

“Come, ‘ole magical forest
sing to me now
when everything leaves
our hearts and minds
open to magical love
o’ forest of mind.”

Camilla Margiana, Innogen Forest


4.8 hearts for the book, Innogen Forest 
by Camilla Margiana

This is a wonderful magical story. I wish I had this book available when I was teaching English in middle school up to young adults. It is a magical, tale to fuel the imagination, writing appreciation, and the love of reading!

~ namasté, Leah J. 🕊

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