~ a book review: samadhi: unity of consciousness and existence

cover matter

book ~ Samadhi: Unity of Consciousness and Existence
author ~ Ivan Antic
genre ~ nonfiction, spirituality, holistic health
read and reviewed by Leah Spence


Existence itself rests on consciousness
Existence, in its purest essence, is,
the divine consciousness,
and, at the same time,
different levels of awareness, of that consciousness.

Ivan Antic

Existence, and the awareness of existence, constitute everything-that-is writes Ivan Antic in his book, Samadhi: Unity of Consciousness and Existence. Conscious awareness shifts us from being highly conditioned humans, rooted in the physical world. We have the opportunity to expand our awareness to become more active, interactive participants in the intelligent design of existence.

We always attract that which we are in tune with. This happens either automatically (ie sub-consciously) or in a conscious state of awareness. Consciousness and levels of understanding always change the nature of our reality.

the nature of reality

So, then, I wondered: what does Antic mean by the term ‘reality’ and the phrase, ‘correct understanding’ of it. He traverses into the esoteric which might not be for all readers but he does this on a level that is easy to understand. Further, he grounds this with science-related references for those of us who prefer to stay more rooted in the material world.

Antics discussion on the nature of reality and the human conditions integrates Buddhism, physics, and philosophy. Further, he speaks of the more concrete realm consisting of the four elements: earth, fire, water, and air plus, ether, as representative of the four dimensions of reality.

And, yet, we puzzle, he also says, reality has no divisions so I wonder, how can it have different dimensions? To clarify this, we read that dimensions of reality are interlinked. Bringing this idea together with holistic health and universal patterns, it makes sense that wellness depends on the health of each part of the Matrix and how we bring it together into a whole way of existing/being.

the parts and the gestalt

spirit/ether/space/quantum field/pure consciousness

soul/air/awareness of both existence and pure consciousness/alertness

heart/fire/will power/intentions/creative energy

mind/water/ideas/imagination/feeling/unrealized narrative

body/earth ~-root energy of existence

Everything that exists in the physical world follows this process to the higher states of consciousness. Getting acquainted with this process enhances creativity using imagination and ideas (air and fire). We exist on earth (body), think/feel (mind), and have willpower (fire). We are the amalgamation of all these elements.

We can have new ideas only with a better connection to the consciousness of the soul while still residing in the human body. We implement this consciousness while we are in our human states. Positive and negative energy flows as the result of our thoughts, actions and interactions as well as the state of our holistic well-being.

Being is free thinker is empowered when we are more aware of reality. Then we can choose to take the ‘fiction’ of the idea, with intention or the will, to shape the energy of the reality around us.

For example, we can hold a rock (matter) in our hand and have the thought/idea (air) that it is a rock. We can throw the rock across the water and make it skip, sending ripples of energy outward. Metaphorically speaking, what we do with the rock, our intentions, and conscious awareness of the consequences of our thoughts, emotions and actions, matter, in the grand scheme of reality.

transformations along a non-linear path

The thoughts in us is as real as the object in the outside world. And there-in lies our opportunity to alter energy by consciously changing our thinking. We can be the conditioned human or we can actively bring our essence to life through conscious existence.

And, nothing is realized in a straight line, The very process of realization has its rhythms oscillation, changes, set backs, and additional impulses. When we take a careful look we can see there are always seven of them. The law of the number seven is a the foundation of labyrinth of creation.

chakra energy centres: the power of 7

There are 7 chakra psycho-energetic centres in the individual human form. Each of these line up with the 7 Keys for empowering holistic health. The first chakra is where pure energy of existence (1-root) is present. The seventh chakra is where the pure consciousness of existence (7-crown) is present.

All the chakras are in the continual and intrinsic
processes of uniting and separating.
This is action-based understanding and realization of
all possible states of consciousness and existence.

Ivan Antic

Antic’s discussion of how the spectrum of sunlight breaks up into seven colours through the prism takes the abstract makes it tangible. And, it is part of the process of forming the crystal as well as the effects of the prism on other processes.

The ‘principle of seven‘ phases of manifestation is present in everything, not just in light. It is in sound, hence, the seven notes. Antic is very good at intertwining science with the philosophic and the aesthetic. In bold, I highlight how the 7 Keys from the Art of Being Authentic theme fit into the chakra chain of events.

7 ~ crown chakra–consciousness
6 ~ third-eye chakra–awareness of core values/world views
5 ~ throat chakra–voice
4 ~ heart chakra–love/healing/connections
3 ~ solar plexus chakra–wisdom
2 ~ sacral chakra-creativity
1 ~ root chakra–nature

the human chakra categories: the power of 3

~ The intellectual centre represents the principle of freedom and knowledge.

~ The emotional centre (heart) represents the unifying, understanding, and creative surpassing of the two opposite groups above and below.

~ The motor and instinctual centre represents everything that conditions and limits us.

As we transform our lives, energies, thoughts,, emotions and behaviours consciously, we are shifting from the habitually, mechanical, functioning, conditioned state of being towards free will and greater freedom of choice.

Recommendation: 4.5 stars for the book, Samadhi: Unity of Consciousness and Existence. Antic brings a comprehensive subject matter into an understandable and relatable read. Although, I came into the reading and reviewing with a significant amount of background knowledge, the way Antic presented the material enhanced my understanding of a rather complex topic. The big idea–that our purpose as human beings is to empower our matrix–is skillfully presented enhancing understandings of life and holistic well-being.

~ namasté, Leah J. 🕊

Happy reading!

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