~ a book review: soul retrieval, mending the fragmented self

book review

book: Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self
author: Sandra Ingerman
genre ~ nonfiction, religion & spirituality
read and reviewed by Leah Spence
Soul Retrieval is one of the now four books extending the literature review on the big idea theme of Shamanic journeying seeking holistic health. From an alternate perspective, Sandra Ingerman explores thematic topics including personal healing, self-knowledge and heightened awareness.
the big idea

Ingerman explores healing, energy flow through visualizations, grounding energy, and meditation. Further, it offer unique perspectives on integrating and balancing chakra energy through body, mind and soul.

The words used to explain the soul retrieval are vital to the effects of the healing. The metaphor that Ingerman uses in her teaching is that of planting seeds. One knows exactly what kind of plant will grow from the words being sown. When she shares a journey with a client she first asks herself the question:

Am I planting the seeds of hope with my words 
or am I planting seeds of fear?
In order for healing to take place
I must first plant seeds of hope.


The word soul has taken on many meanings. Here Ingerman uses it simply to mean our vital essence,.

“the principle of life,
commonly regarded as an entity distinct from the body;
the spiritual parts
in contrast to the purely physical.”

Oxford Dictionary

According to this authority, our language also regards the soul as the seat of emotions, feelings, or sentiments.

In modern times, psychology has provided our primary model for addressing the painful sense of incompleteness and disconnection that many of us experience. We may spend years in therapy or self-help groups trying to uncover traumas and to become whole. Ingerman speaks of holding a master’s degree in counselling psychology and to have employed many of its methods. Yet experience has shown her (and me) that psychotherapy work only on the parts of us that are already “home.”

If our vital essence/soul has fled, how can we bring it back?

In soul retrieval, we explore the shamanic belief that part of our essential life-energy can split off and become lost in “nonordinary reality.” When any living creature is fully infused with its own spiritual force or soul, it will radiate energy and vitality.

Hemingway editor graded reading level: grade 10 and up


4.2 stars:  Soul Retrieval by Sandra Ingerman

I highly recommend this book. It brings soul retrieval into ordinary reality, for me, at least. I am still working on healing through to wholeness. But, I realize it is an ongoing project and with the right intentions/growth mindset, I am finding, my soul essence slowly returning, home. Ingerman’s book is a foundational and highly informative resource.

~ namasté, Leah J. 🕊

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