Cryptic Chaos

Cryptic Chaos

the maelstrom of the mind
powerful, seething into a cryptic chaos
vortex of confusion

this Delphic journey
chains of obscurity
the riddle is

as a plank blurring vision
the ego that blinds

so we fail to see,
through the splinters
of pain, of fear

on this path
this welter of energies
congesting the heart, the mind, the soul

with the heart we intuit, we trust
the light through the narrow crevice
to calm the storm

to embrace the mysteries 
that trepidation, steadied
this most passionate of discoveries

through the heart we clear the path unravelling, 
soothing that babel
within the mind and beyond

this warrior is ready
the dance is the sword 
through the cacophonous dissonance

softly in the vortex, with heart and soul
opening the floodgates
freeing the muddled rivers of energy

expanding vision, sensitivity, creativity
beyond the roar 
of the whirlpool

still, still taunting 
me, that it will
suck me under

but I drop the rope, let go of the fight
the cessation of thoughts
just be, I am

in quicksand
don’t struggle


listen to the heart
it speaks louder 
than the mind

in the midst of chaos,
lies the creative
though cryptic is the message, it chimes an energy of clarity

so the ambiguity fades
as empathy within
smooths the river flow beyond

such is the journey
the healing of the hurt
a union with consciousness

to see clearly and removethe planks andthe splinters


may be transient, it comes and goes,
but feel it, relish it, the moments

that fuel is the fire for the heart
infinite energy, awakening

to weather the storms
this gentle warrior
lowers her shield, yet unlimited in strength

that she is freed 
to embrace
the wounded child

empowered, through the eye of the needle

~ namasté, Leah J. 🕊

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