Critical Thinking

Philosophy is one part of the 7-Part DESIGN for Empowerment.

7 tools in the design to empower toolbox



creativity through the arts

critical thinking

language of symbols



essential ‘e’s’ (ease)


your experience and knowledge accumulated over time

 You reflect on your experiences and knowledge base as opportunities to learn from them and transform.


you see with clarity the interconnections in life that surrounds you

You are consciously seeking knowledge, understandings and truths.


you find balance in opposing forces

You forgive and let go as you bring meaning, balance and connections to the fore.


you fully engaged in specific lived experiences

You know yourself better as you accept, reflect, and transform becoming the agent of your identity-narrative.


you find contentment and fulfilment
with an intentional attitude,
right livelihood, action and thoughts

You passionately hold your values and identity authentically, with integrity.

In this process of discovery, we accept the light and the dark, chaos and order, and the imperfect nature of being human. As we reflect, through meditation and insightful contemplation, we engage in creative and critical thinking.

Practice embodied and down-to-earth spirituality. Integrate spiritual practice with psychological growth and healing.  Use both logic and intuition. Ground spirituality in daily life. Seek to unify all parts of your nature.


Namasté, Leah

© 2019 Leah J, M.Ed. Psychology writer/artist/teacher
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