The language of symbols forms one part of the 7-Part DESIGN for Empowerment.

7 tools in the design to empower toolbox



creativity through the arts

critical thinking

language of symbols



Symbols can appear to us as archetypes in dreams. They are in fact images in our subconscious world. They are not rationally created. They represent essential tools to understanding life and are integrated into our spiritual journeys.

Vision quests and journal work help you to connect to your deeper understandings of the world beyond the physical. Awareness, nourishing and balancing each of the chakras is vitally important to holistic health.

sacred symbols and objects

A sacred box or bowl of your choice can hold these soulful tools which have the power to bring about feelings which harmonize your whole being. These sacred objects may be symbolic of a totem animal or transpersonal archetype.

What is important is how they make me feel and the qualities they enhance or help me to embody.

Namasté, Leah

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