Through strawberry fields, coaxing fertile soil, as coral and mulberry leaves scatter 
across their paths, Creator looks into the eyes of this Hamilton Orphan
born in sin, cast aside and then sheltered in their nurturing arms
oh how he has learned of personal sacrifice then rebelliously lamented the disconsolate spirits of slaves and pro-emancipation, voiced the words about the morally wronged. 

Even I, from above and within, am captivated by this man, Hamilton, 
whose desire built capacities to contribute, enhance, a just, sustainable, imaginative
contemplating a place is where feather is set firmly against sword and radical enacted deeper understandings, a healing journey in line with a cultural renaissance, of his innate, active patterning on the accepted wheel of life, the human psyche in transformation
grows wings of courage, to rise upon the precipice, face the fangs of Burr and the dual.

And in the dust of the battle, we pass the light to each soul
to regenerate Self, People and Earth, a community of realized imagination
recovering from vibrant, participatory sacrifices, on this wildly sacred Earth
of leafed and winged life, waterlilies and butterflies, where you can see the stars 
and the milky way, knowing how to protect Sun and Rain and People, the potent 
primal antidote, finding blue deserts and dark-veined forests, living with animated world.

At the Atelier, the Creators carve in circles of the West’s Red Wood, a cycling of colours moving emotions in the carving of Jewel Praying Wolf, an art of gratitude and respect of great height of the tree, and in the telling of vibrant story of the particular and the universal, enfolding mind, body and spirit into a soft-blended tapestry of diversity and indigenous, a sonorous festival of the Peoples, intrinsic to their evolution.

He sketches the art of resistance for Earth and a formless form not meant to be controlled 
so he let it be, to unfold, a bubble that pops but is still there somehow, an energy in the air, a dissolution of the mechanical ligaments to move like watermarks on the canyon precipice
timeless is the earthly sphere, an infinity of circles, of intertwining trails, to Diamond Cape the story of the People and Earth, integrated, by the circle, in an unending existence.

~ namasté, Leah J. 🕊

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