Turquoise Girl wears the strong visionary denim, a soul of World, readied 
this selfless caregiver, holding the hand of Innocent making sense of the world with Scout, Frodo and Cocoon Weaver—she knows her mythopoetic place
walking the rhythm of Sparkling Heart on the path of Bear.

And as we listen to Frodo, gently weaving tunes of transformation, we pass 
the Object of Empowerment bringing withered voices into the circle with Talking Stick 
and Feather, Tale-Tellers to ready tomorrows, smudge with white sage and cedar 
in the translucent Abalone shell, a sea gift. pearl reflections of equanimity, balance, unity.

The paths of the Peoples who followed the Sky of Fire with Raven past Moon
of Earth, find space to bear new growth, feed Water cycles with Tides moving creative wisdom of Sage and Healer awakens their awareness of Self, Earth and People
gathering plants and herbs to heal the sickness of Human Spirit.

And Turquoise Girl weaves, day and night, the tapestry woven with red blood of war of valour, yellow of light and happiness, connected with symbols of crystal protectorates of wisdom, seers of creation of aura bundles, and green as the hills, trees, and mountains cresting blue skies and waters around, within the white of spacious expanse of consciousness.

With an ebony not of death but of a power robust as the mighty Kitchi-Manitou 
singing with the angel choirs of the wintertime moon and Dream Catcher opens in a resonating vision of an energy holding World, Self and Earth, in the art of reconciliation 
a vibrant fabric of cultural diversity, of unassailable human rights.

The Medicine Wheel will always turn, sun-wise, for more healing, less retribution and stitching a story of a World and Earth once walked with the tobacco People
whose soul energy fled smallpox diseased by Champlain’s exploration, with such perish reaps the rewards of Great Floods set to purify, a re-booting of Earth and the People.

And Muskrat dove to find a handful of Earth which Turtle carried on his sturdy back 
Wind blew in from Four Directions and Island formed on the deep sea, drawing greater numbers of animals who danced with a respectful knowing bringing again a determined might left in each will, free to inherent in this natural rhythm of life which we let be.

~ namasté, Leah J. 🕊

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