into the truth at the centre of the image you were born with
~ David Whyte

Through chaos entrenched with wisdom, we find a calm gathering 
at the shared winter hearth, and the burn of auspicious sweet grass tends to the universe
wearing the crown of the wise ruler but with a humble gift of grace, the fortitude 
of visionary action in inspiring through radical empathy and compassion.

The Sage carries the culture of authentic Elder-hood, rising from the ashes, the phoenix
a diamond nestled in the depth of our shared consciousness—erudite guides 
the ascent of the innocent, over the precipice and the wings uncurl from the cocoon revealing Le Papillon and she hears the mystery of singing Earth. 

Sinking her face in the icy stream, letting the vibrant energy trickle over her
infusing a greener wisdom of a creative culture, which interrupts dysfunctional Self, World and Earth in an Indigenous revival, in a synergistic collating the ancient power of the land is in our bones as the maple knows to run its sap only when nights are cold, and days of Sun.

Innate intentions are the call of the wild staying in true vibration, re-affirming cycle, witnessing life in each other, a built-in harmony, we hear, when we really listen
to the cedar flute, as it gently fills with the flow of the wind and the long call of the loon
and the high call of the crow and Little Thunder, planting seeds of solidarity.

To the strait of the Manitobau Spirit, where the roaring sound of the pebbles on the beach
at the sparkling mini Tobow Lake of Prairie lands, are silver soul-energy chimes 
that echoes with the heart, tolling warmer rhythms than through the unclouded mind
with Soul and Earth looping intelligence reviving an animist perception.

Here at Consciousness we only observe, yet holding life together on the Wheel
as the cyan core of our power to source the balanced mind and heart, to mitigate hurtful effrontery in the world to live without ignorance to carry Zen calm
global spaces of eclectic wonders of unbound lives, not abiding by the cliched fray.

into the truth at the centre of the image you were born with
~ David Whyte

~ namastĂ©, Leah J. đź•Š

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