“in the largest conversation you can have with the world” 
~ David Whyte

In the entwining of World’s mythopoetic matrix, we grapple—is the individual-collective a paradox? a contradiction to each and the other? or can we have both?
or is it like a dog chasing it’s tail in a vicious circle or simply a never-ending circle
with time an illusion, a series of moments and with all directions connected, we are one.

We at Consciousness Central hold the three concentric circles—Past, Present and Imagination, of Self, World and Earth, embedded, we witness as they criss-cross each other and all that there is and from that, your take-aways, and your gifts.

The Wanderers know, that the dust from one farmer’s land blows onto another’s 
the birds and the bees and drought and the floods know no border a community of air currents, wind, breath, life and soul of eternal growth and decay, across all plains

Dynamic is the mysterious unfolding of the cocoon, of each cocoon, realigning 
with the magnetic forces challenging the ego, knowing the ignorance it feeds
and she shifts to decolonize her mind trusting her instincts to connect wild within flesh.

And in the irony of having felt pain, Truth sees in her wisdom, a knowing that we take so little with us but the lofty gift of Sage and of Innocent, the Eco-soul in same
to embody the freedom in all that is natural, a truth etched in the walls of her silver cocoon.

The conversation with synergy moves sun-wise, moon-wise, Earth-wise co-creating deeper cultural change, the truth at the centre of the image you were born with
a mythopoetic identity, in empathetic perception and interaction.

Charged under the gold-liquid sun to weave cocoons in the creative art horizontal wholeness, manifesting a collaborative relationship with Earth moving vertical to Soul mirrors generating visions, to clear energies for right intentions, each embodying the freedom to be.

Through the night and into the winter, the esteem of all possible Selves and Peoples 
and the spirit Glooscap, in the cold white dawn of Eastern formation, the rhythm of Earth’s vibration, echoes Buffalo Sage bravely turning his head to directly face any storm.

We must learn to live together or perish together as fools.
~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

~ namastĂ©, Leah J. đź•Š

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