~ alchemy

Alchemy is a mix of energy through stages of transformation engaged through observation, insight and reflections. The result is the creation or recombination of the elements of the whole/matrix.

chemistry dissolves the goddess in the alembic, Venus the white queen,
the universal matrix 
down to the molecular hexagons and carbon chains
~ Kathleen Raine, The Human Form Divine

Keeping the Art of accepting, reflecting and transforming empowered by intertwining them in your day-to-day experiences. On this path, enlightenments happen throughout life as we engage more mindfully engaging all parts of the matrix: body, mind, heart, soul and spirit.

on healing

In its mature fullness, the human psyche grants us multiple ways to heal our psychological wounds and grow from them. With the ART of living the matrix, we become more consciously intelligent, aware and attuned. It takes work and it takes an intentional attitude.

Transformation isn’t always sweet and bright.
It can be a dark and murky, painful and pushing.
It involves an unraveling of the untruths
you’ve carried in your body, a practice of facing your own demons,
and sometimes,
a complete uprooting may necessary
before attaining holistic well-being. ~ Erickson

Through the ART processes of accepting, reflecting, and transforming you mindfully adapt your identity-matrix, attending to each part and and the gestalt. Uprooting reflects a shift away from unhealthy attachments, behaviours, thoughts and emotions. Keep your 7-Keys-to-empowering-holistic-health tool belt with you at all times.

on balance and truth

the cacophony
heed the dissonance
make the call to conscious
be the gate-keeper of the mind and heart
bring the soul into harmony

the clearing
Know the entropy holding fragments
that sliver building noise 
that storm which distorts the true nature of the pure state,
— still the mind,
that space of pure reflection
at the center of the image 
you were born with. 

Ironically, while we need to uproot from being ‘stuck’, it is a process which inherently necessitates rooting into nature with a solid footing. It is those connections within yourself and with the world around you which further sustain healthy growth.

if we engage the earth’s intelligence,
we could rise up rooted, like trees
~ Rainer Maria Rilke

enhance and restore

With a well-developed Self, you can seek to restore and enhance in the the more-than-human world. In doing so, we co-conceive and co-create a healthy, mature, life-enhancing, inclusive life.

Understanding and establishing balance, cohesive all 5 attributes of the life matrix and participating in the healthy evolution of the species and our planets is a purposeful, cooperative, inter-connected existence.

The more consciously engaged you are with these processes, the more agency you have in the transformations within your narrative.

everything is in flux

Nothing stays the same in our very human existence. In order to have balance and equanimity, we need to be ready to adapt with the changes. The healthiest way to do this is to be proactive rather than being reactive and inauthentic.

the earth, time, concepts, love, life, faith, justice, evil
they’re all fluid and in transition
they don’t stay in one form or in one place
~ Murakami, Kafka on the Shore

~ namasté, Leah J. 🕊

🕊 the art of being authentic
embracing mindful, empowering transformations🕊

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