~ on circles

Let’s consider the art of the circle with four quadrants: body, heart, mind soul and spirit. The rim is spirituality or consciousness–a bonding inherent in nature, creating the matrix.

Extending on the foundation of the 5-part matrix, I speak metaphorically of circles as cardinal directions and labyrinths. We can choose to travel a path of eco-soul appreciation. In doing so, we integrate the ‘self’ of the matrix with the world around us, in an environmentally, culturally conscious way. Below, we also see the circle as a labyrinth as a path for accepting, reflection, and transformation.

The four cardinal directions highlight the power of the integrated circles inherent in nature.

yellow, the direction of wildness,
dignity, full-bodied feeling mid-day and summer;
belonging; engaged; emotionally charged; pain and sadness;

blue, the direction of reflections, nurturing,
generating, visionary action, and heart-centered thinking;
night and winter; reflection with insightful meditation

the direction of romance, spirituality; transformation;
of metaphors and deep imagination; twilight and autumn

green, the direction which orients innocence,
paradoxical humour, and full-presence sensing;
rising light and spring revival; acceptance;
Elders, guide with knowledge and wisdom

the sacred circle mantras

In teachings of many Aboriginal groups the medicine wheel as a sacred circle is used as part of the healing process. The transcript of mantras that follows is one way to describe this transformative journey.

On the path to wholeness and balance
my healing journey begins with South
to witness my anger, sadness and pain
forcing me to travel

to North
where I learn
more about what happened
and that learning
leads me on my journey

to meet West
bringing news about the spirits
of my ancestors
and my spirit heals
and with my new knowledge

I travel to East
to share my findings and knowledge
and so I have come full circle
and know if am challenged or need more healing

I will return to South
and begin the journey again.

There are different ways of knowing and understanding our selves and our world. The circle is an organizational tool providing a balanced and organized approach. It denotes wholeness, inclusion, femaleness (womb) and eternity. I expand on the symbolism of the circle in the article, Walking Sun-Wise, which introduces the 10-part collection of poems.

flow of energy in circle through chakras

The circle brings the matrix together as a whole and a never-ending flow of energy and growth. When we contemplate insightfully, we aim to shift from nadir (blackness) to our personal zenith (white / 7th chakra). The circle and the chakra flow can be balanced or unbalanced depending upon what is placed on or in it.

The Métis infinity circle is the joining of two circles. This illustrates the joining of two cultures/peoples and the unending existence of the people. On this journey of empowerment, we draw insight, deeper understandings and enrich our lives and identities as foundational for holistic well-being.

the labyrinth is a path for those of us who are…

… joyful, may it be a pathway of celebration.
… reflecting on the past, may it be a pathway of remembrance.
… hurting, may it be a pathway of healing.
… isolated, may it be pathway of connection.
… tired, may it be a pathway of energy.
… lost, may it be a pathway of energy.
… troubled, may it be a pathway of peace.
… grieving, may it be a pathway of comfort.
… (have) questions, may it be a pathway of discernment.
… living in the moment, may it be a pathway of meaning.
… looking to the future, may it be a pathway of hope.

~ namasté, Leah J. 🕊

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