~ on resilience

~ on passing the gift, forward, in forging a path through healing, we can write, listen, read and contemplate, gaining strength to …

… be the blacksmith and forge the shoes to walk solidly into the light heating, hammering and bending the shoes
so they fit better for the journey forward

… be the horseshoe even after the horse needs it
and you turn open-side up, 
to catch the warm rays of the sun 
the well of the good stuff in life

… try to make any situation even a little bit better 
with a compassionate voice and kind words

… able to create new questions and solutions
and trust our own answers

… ready to grow and to learn 
how to not end up being another
ironically tragic story

Empowerment is holding close to your heart…

“I am” ~   Sylvia Platt

with, we are…

… able to flip the bell-jar over
so it is open to alternative truths
embracing the challenges 
of an ironic existence seeing the cornucopia 
from Frida’s pain, unique artistic voice
from Beethoven’s vibrations creating unique musical scores
from Keller’s essence an admirable life of intentional grit and growth

potentially painful fear-caves, of lost lives.
extending mindful, artistic outlets.
directly, enriching, brewing soul- and wisdom-nourishing journeys.

the source of light
and part of the solution that can help others

Passing the gift

In walking through major depression and anxiety, it helps me to write the words that I have written here and elsewhere. It is an essential carving a more empowered path through recovery — even when I can’t be as strong as I want to be all the time. But, what brings meaning in my life is ‘paying it forward’.

Paying it forward…

the opposite of payback
when we do those good deeds

…listening to others, small acts of kindness, soul-to-soul, mends hearts and minds for all involved…

usually in confidence — a quiet mantra
intentions for clear, unselfish, positive outcomes
a satisfying and unambiguous denouement

I do not pretend to give such a deed; I only lend it to you. When you meet with another honest person in Distress, you can only pay me by lending this Sum to forward to them, enjoining them to discharge the Debt by a like operation, when they are able, and shall meet with another opportunity. I hope it may thus go thro’ many hands, before it meets with a Knave that will stop its Progress…
 — Benjamin Franklin

…making it show up again, but differently 
in doing so we acclimatize
trying for the unconditional
without expectations 
we make accommodations 
to help others fit in and acculturate 
we adjust and we make amends

we are chameleons 
of responsive transformation
of community sharing
when we are open to change
to revision and liberty beyond ourselves

and together, in this life, we strive to
make the abstract real, visible, tangible 
walking stronger one step at a time
with our heartfelt, mindful, 
soul-blazoned truths.

~ namasté, Leah J. 🕊

🕊 embracing mindful, empowering transformations🕊

© Leah J. Spence 2020, All Rights Reserved