Healing the Empath

Healing the Empath

I’ve heard it said
that there’s a window that opens
from one mind to another
but if there’s no wall
there’s no need for fitting the window or the latch ~ Rumi

in the long shadows of depression
frozen rain shards on glass
a jarring reality of
acidic sensations,
yet, at times, no impressions at all
into an infinite black hole
of muted confusion
being strangely indifferent, dulled, benign
all becoming insignificant
with a static, exhausted lens
to source some intelligible meaning,
on how to weather
the whirlwind of incomprehensible energies
pitched about in a seemingly
absurd world
with its ubiquitous uncertainty, doubt, grief

encompassed within, the unresolved energies of intuition and instinct
which emit a pervasive percolating affect
vibrating beneath, but silenced, pushed back, as wrong
yet with perturbation, they persistently demanded
a presence and a reconciliation,
to be released from perpetual hibernation
living, in the between, in limbo,
where depression and anxiety lurk
the well of dispiritedness
an anxious stumbling
through the labyrinth within the gaping cavern
empty of desire to keep swimming against the rapids, exhausted
overwhelmed, in space and frozen time
bizarre, another irony, that in the empty quagmire of nothingness,
the answer echoed from the very bottom of the pit

a lighted path of softly flowing waves
through the divide, between lost and found
guided by the innate power of empathy
an essential knowing of moods, feelings
as a sensual being
and a knowing, that it is not wrong
but very right

into a realm of the unrestricted,
acceptance, understandings, expressions, perceptions, receptions
opening, anticipating, allowing
a flourishing stemming of realizations
an awakening of the soul, an empathic response
a radical freeing of energies
so in the discerning with out senses
of the once ineffable buried strength so deeply rooted
now allowed to be realized
with its nuances and undercurrents
spaces to be explored

far beyond the empty words,
situations parlay many more clues
to decipher, to translate, to weed out
without expectation
move within ~ actively, calmly, flowing
welcome these vibrations,
instead of thinking ~ they must be wrong
the energy shaping around
reducing the wobbles

an energy of clarity
in the midst of chaos,
though the cryptic is the message
that something askew
can arise from within
either a return to, or a finding of,
a proper alignment

the silver liningthe calm after the stormwith self-affecting, by choice and moderation
self-transformative, by choice and moderation
this being the glue of the matrix
body, heart, mind, soul and spirit
where realized empathy
soothes depression
and eases the related anxiety

an intentional existence, yet without expectations
with an enriched belongingness in personal awakening
engaging with an open, natural attitude
creating a sensual, fluid reality

when you do things from your soul
you feel a river moving in you
a joy ~ Rumi

~ namasté, Leah J. 🕊

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