The Body

Life is a human matrix and the body is but one part of the whole.  Each element needs to be balanced, connected and fulfilled for overall health.

~ Body ~

~ Mind ~

~ Heart ~

~ Soul ~

~ Spirit ~

The body, mind, heart, soul and spirit are the part of our holistic existence which the A.R.T. Project seeks to affirm and balance.

The health of each of these attributes affects the holistic health of the individual. The body needs to be nurtured along with each of the other components of the identity matrix. 

The essential truths or guiding principles are intentionally embraced so that we can develop each of these attributes to their healthiest potential.

Your core truths and values are ones that you carry with you through all life experiences. They bring out your authenticity and integrity.

Your stream of consciousness holds it all together.

the bridge between the earth and the spirit world

As spiritual beings, we are having human experiences. It’s essential that the physical vessels that are our homes stay healthy and vital.

Seven Chakra Energy Centres

7. Crown ~ white/quartz
6. Third Eye ~ indigo/lapis lazuli
5. Throat ~ blue/turquoise
4. Heart ~ green/ emeralds
3. Solar Plexus ~ yellow/
2. Sacral ~ orange/amber
1. Root ~ red/bloodstone

Practice pranayama techniques

Pranayama is the formal practice of controlling the breath. This is the source of our prana or vital life force. There are several  pranayama exercises and poses, breathing techniques and sequences. Choose the ones that work best for you.

Practice asanas or postures

Yoga asanas are a combination of sitting, standing, and lying down poses.

Align Your 7 Chakras with this Sampler of 7 Yoga/Asana Poses

Crown Chakra – Head Stand

Throat Chakra – Cat Pose

Heart Chakra – Low Lunge

Solar Plexus Chakra – Warrior Pose

Sacral Chakra – Revolved Triangle Pose

Root Chakra – Mountain Pose

Each set affects a particular section of the body and has its unique benefits. Seated yoga asanas are variations of asanas that need to be performed by sitting down on the ground.

They are ideal for flexibility and best for those just beginning to learn yoga as they are easily adaptable to any level of stamina.

Physical body and beyond

if we surrendered
to the earth’s intelligence

we could rise up rooted,
like trees…

~ Rainer Maria Rilke

~ Rise Up Rooted [Collage]. Doug Van Houten

Real, holistic healing involves grounding our psychological and spiritual discoveries into the physical reality of our existence

Namaste, LeahJ

~ sharing the A.R.T. of the healing journey in the matrix of bodymindheartsoul and spirit

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