Intentional Mindsets for Empowered Lives

Philosophy is the more cerebral ‘A.R.T.’ on this path. It is the framework meant to engage active and intentional thinking, mindsets and personal growth.

The term ‘ART’ of the matrix metaphorically integrates artful creativity and imagination with these, more cerebral, philosophical discussions. Each facet of the matrix and the journey are essential and interconnected.

Philosophy as an art framework

~ metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, aesthetics and politics.

Planting seeds for the matrix

Inherent in the concept of the ART matrix is that you actively involved in the planting of the seeds of the narrative of your identity–-of the story of your life. This puts you in the driver’s seat where you belong.

The term matrix has been used in reference to a female/parent plant or animal whose seeds were used for producing offspring. The essays find seeds of thoughts that nurture the foundation and growth of personal narratives for healthy, mindful existence.

this philosophy of life and mind

You are the protagonist, the writer and the agent of your life story. With the following words, Stephen King draws an analogy between writing and the forest.

When you write a book, you spend day after day scanning and identifying the trees. When you’re done, you have to step back and look at the forest.

I visualize this in different ways but this one works:
 — your narrative is the forest — your life story
 — you, the protagonist, is the tree in this story
— the parts of your matrix are symbolized by the branches on that tree

We need to spend time nurturing the growth of each branch. Attention paid to the holistic health of the tree and how it fits into the forest.

A consciously, creative, active process

By mindfully, philosophically reflecting on your identity-narrative, habitual patterns are less fused — you respond to situations, thoughts and emotions flexibly rather than instinctually reacting. As we reflect, specifically on each part and holistically, everything changes — the parts and the whole.

Think of it as an alchemic mix of energy — a seemingly magical (but for the purposes here, consciously creative) process of transformation or recombination of the elements. It is intended to be a natural, conscious, ongoing metamorphosis.

Together with the health of the physical components of the brain, we see the matrix operating as an integrated whole. How we think, emote and act, affects the health of our bio-psycho-social being.

Holistic well-being needs intentional involvement in the process to achieve valuable results. We need to ‘be there’, mind, body, soul and spirit, wholeheartedly, as an active ‘do-er’ in the process.

I hear and I forget.
I see and I remember.
I do and I understand.
— Confucius, philosopher.

It is by being intentionally mindful with solid, but flexible, plans in place, that we can live to our healthiest potentials.

The stream of consciousness as the rim of the wheel

The stream of consciousness, as described by William James, is the ‘stuff of pure experience.’ With this integration of matter and energy — not from it — consciousness and intelligence (individually and collectively) are evolving.

This stream of consciousness is personally felt and always changing. Yet, it is the essence which holds everything together. It feels like a privately owned realm of the Being-in-the-world. It is an integrated, evolving whole. Yet, the energy also expands beyond the illusion of being only a physical body.

for consciousness to be anywhere in nature
it must be everywhere in nature
— Alfred Whitehead

The stream of consciousness stays as a whole flowing through time and space. James, like David Hume, draws reference to resemblance and contiguity as attributes of consciousness. Your identity-narrative flows along with the stream of consciousness as a unified whole. When you are mentally, spiritually or physically unwell, the Gestalt of your identity-narrative is inherently unwell, as well. You can lose touch with the basic essence — the relatively pure, genuine slate — of who you are, connected in this world.

Each of us participates in this luminous dimension.
We either do this constructively or de-constructively 
or somewhere in the middle.
We have roles in determining the future evolution of the biosphere (ecosystem) and noosphere (mind-sphere).

Evolution rests on natural selection of random mutations. But, is also rests on the psychosocial and cultural evolution directed by the individual and the collective reflective consciousness of humanity. When my mind is cluttered with obsolete thoughts and rote, habitual patterns, the important stuff is lost in a conundrum.

The vision of this path is to live with an open-mind, nurture the parts, balancing connections, for a holistic embrace of authentic living, with integrity.

embrace the wisdom 
open your energies within 
ground them with energies around

shape yourselves 
into visionaries

with the ARTistry to revitalize 
the enchanted

Reflect on the idea of a creative force, derived from this vital energy, within each of us. It is essential to tap into this for enriching, passionate growth, change and adaptations. What we do with our consciousness, intelligence, energy and matter, well, ‘matter’ in the grand scheme of things — like the butterfly in the rainforest.

Opening the mind to hear, reflect and communicate with diversity

everything has a voice in the way it expresses its nature
while it is true that many beings speak through sound 
— the laugh of an acorn woodpecker, the huff of an alert stag, or a thundering clap of lightening for example 
— these typify only one mode of speaking
a being’s voice isn’t always auditory or vocal
not by a long shot

The pros{e} of a philosophy of life and mind

Watch for symbols and language
that come to you 
by way of epiphanies, revelations or images 
dreams are the valuable sources of archetypal images 
for soul-work and realizations

accept these as opportunities 
for deep reflection which enable transformations.

there are many forms of language in the wild world, 
a myriad of expressions that offer unique variations of interpretations
/ pheromones, colours, textures, body postures, movements, art, imagination, dreams, ceremonies, rituals /
these ways voice a beings announce its arrival
natural to the place in which it was born
a thing’s ‘voice’ could be its behaviour
the literal sounds it makes, its form (shape, colour, quality) 
or its envisioning of the world in which it lives

from this space, where our deepest nature begins
we respond to the felt-presence of a world full of soulful voices 
words have double meaning
inner and outer hints

metaphors, symbols, and images become reality
and with self-reflexive witnessing
we can notice our true nature coming through in the conversation
surprised at what we overhear our ‘selves’ saying
we may be even more confounded at the responses 
we receive from the wild world
less so, from wholehearted consciousness

True nature is our inherent freedom

a will-to-freedom is that mindset
encouraging you to find a balance
 on this continuum between opposites of the heaviness and lightness

with heightened consciousness, reflexive voices
give intentional, insightful contemplation
gradually remove the ‘unbearable’ 
and with an increasing open heart 
embracing the pure essence
the lightness of your nascent being

Respect both your wild nature and eternal soul

the ego where the heart and the soul are awake
energies arise with potency
time with nature opens the genuine truths 
permit yourself to be both human and divine
be active in accepting and reflecting
nurturing the growth of a healthier being-in-this-world

A project of whole-hearted living

With an intentional attitude, I embrace living a mindful, soulful, authentic, intelligent, yet simple and joy-filled life. And, I write about planting philosophical and poetic seeds that have the potential of doing just that!

~ namasté, Leah J. 🕊

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