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Poetry and essays embracing holistic well-being

The ART Matrix LIBRARY writing is themed around mental health awareness and the philosophy of life and mind — with an essential touch of humour and creativity. Overall, the writing is designed to inspire further discovery through creative and critical writing and thinking.

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A blank slate for mentally healthy, creative contemplations

White Space for Creative Thinking

the tableau rasa for finding the voice
buried deep in the soul of the mind
find it,
sit with it and rest, calm.

A blank slate quiets the mind
awaiting reflections and transformations
listen to meandering thoughts, not fusing, regarding
expand on them or letting them go.

That changes things
clearing the inventory of the mind
freeing space for new ways of thinking explore, create something new, be brave, writing, seeing, touching, sensing, differently.

Art on white, writing on white, living on white
clarifies the beauty and the pain
appreciating the difference, makes it worthy, valuable
getting acquainted makes life more interesting.

Artful awakenings, discriminating, 
unrestrained is the literary sublime 
to be endowed with beauty, new colours, textures, vitality
beyond the congenial, tepid au courant.

Dive in with an awareness of the contrasts, 
expand that which enlightens
that which is wittingly supra-liminal
placed on the threshold of transformation.

Arousing, but soothing…cooling but warming 
engaging, enlivening, yet challenging potential
stay with what is at least interesting,
at best delicious, moving, poignant.

Never psychedelic (but maybe that’s a good idea)
there is such power in the imagination, taking creativity beyond the mundane deeper,
passionate explorations can see purity 
and the beauty of your genuine voice, heart and soul.

With the philosophical discoveries 
lighten the heart and the mind 
play with a touch of the precocious…

That which is freely, without demands 
let it delight on a whim to just be.

‘When the cat had my tongue’

when the voice dawns, 
when the words bloom and this is what happens.


Use the word with caution, says Dick

it could change your life
that is the power of language and words on a page.

May you find a bit of delight 
a wee little morsel pleasure
in the writing down the stairs…

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Namasté, Leah

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Namasté, Leah

Leah J, M.Ed. Psychology writer/artist/teacher
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