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Hallelujah for Poetry and Music

Embracing the rhythm and depths of heart and soul.


spiritus mundi
oh collective souls! rejoice!
we carry the prose of the universe

that universal energy
our muse of inspiration
we drink it, out of the ash

rise up from strong roots, as a cactus
sustained in the soft, spring rain
witness how sweet the sound

that shadow at morning
rays of warm light, striding behind you
proves the harmony, the sharing of the secret chord


we went on into the sunlight
drank coffee with whimsical banter
stirring life’s winsome allure

past rows and rows, through the angel’s hair of sunlight
melting ice cream castles in the air
no burden of care or conscience

but hold that it, my proof
waterproof, shatterproof
let it be, hold that, let it be


shadow at evening
rising to meet you
the violet, evening hour that strives towards close

fairy tales, hyperboles, turn conundrums
just another dazzling circus show?
though I hold the facade and laugh as I fall

just don’t let them know, don’t 
give yourself away, the bell jar will hide
just grip, it suffocates the tears and the fears

distorted dreams concrete, and schemes and surfacecrowds
won’t you let it be, 
why not let it shine, a little longer

does anyone hear? I whisper
though I crawl like an ant in mourning
every fair from fair sometimes declines

could it be, there is a God above
how, it remains, all I’ve ever learned from love
a broken Hallelujah

is there the second coming for
the baffled king, the broken lover
playing those zero sum games

this life, this concrete war such has no victory march
if the centre cannot hold, where
the ceremony of innocence is drowned

I didn’t want flowers,
I only wanted to lay with my hands turned up
and be utterly empty, quiet the cacophony


I heard there is a secret chord
play that, so it does please the Lord
no need, no other reason to be

oh death! do not brag thou!
I will wander not in it’s shade
though fragments I have shored against my ruins, remain

accept the catcher in the rye and risk the desert dry
embrace the sun that it shines
I see the butterfly, can it save a wretch like me


with this horse, with no name, we move onwards
freedom is the journey to source the water
beneath the desert, dry and sandy, sleep

will it be?

heart and freedom, light with less pain
below where peace and love and water lay
we slouch towards Bethlehem, to be born

let it be

lift up your heart, can you see this light?
for the gifts we can share, a smile in the heart
say hallelujah

stay this journey, though hard
do you see the third
that walks beside you?

let it be

it is the Other, gliding wrapt in mantle and hood
that does fiddle whispered music on those strings
speaking words of wisdom

soul to soul
for all the broken-hearted people in the world,
there will be an answer

let it be

for the transformation
in the spirit of the world
let the conscious connect

beauty and the moonlight
share the space
with love and grace

let it be

no victory needed
see joy, share, show, be, reflect, embrace
a hallelujah

t’was blind, but now I see

I look at the clouds from both sides now
this truth is marching on, I say yes,

and so, it shall be

— Leah J 🕊

Music is at the centre of my heart and soul. It is the rhythm of our personal and collective narratives, cultures and revolutions. Beautiful stories are told with drums and dance to evoke a spiritual rejoice that can carry us beyond the bricks and mortar of our civilized world.

Emotions and music are intuitive connected with the energies of life. My very first memory I have in this life, is from a simple day, when I was 5 years old. It is triggered by one particular song. It creates a vivid memory of the setting, the people, the mood–all from my own recall to a song that no one else remembers being of any significance.

Music therapy has a power that can transport, even if only temporarily, some people who are suffering into a more vibrant conscious awareness.

The music that inspired these memories of the journey of life, pain, love, struggles, hope and finding the light within:

~ Both Sides Now: Joni Mitchell which I dedicate to my daughter

~ Hallelujah:Leonard Cohen, KD. Lang, Rufus Wainright, Bob Dylan, Jeff Buckley and more that 300 other artists. Hallelujah is now a universally recognized modern-day classic.

~ Horse with No Name: America, again for my daughter and the 30,000 miles we explored, seeking truths

~ Glory, Glory Hallelujah: London Community Gospel Choir

~ Amazing Grace: Aretha Franklin and LeAnn Rimes

~ Let It Be: Beatles

~ Soul to Soul: Temptations

And the poems:

~ The Second Coming: W. B. Yeats

~ The ColossusSylvia Plath

Wasteland: T.S. Elliott

A Summer’s Day, Sonnet 18: Shakespeare

The first two stories in this series are linked from here:

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Thank you for reading!

Namasté, Leah

© 2019 Leah J, M.Ed. Psychology writer/artist/teacher
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