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The Vagabond

Radical Etchings of The Vagabond: the life of the rebel

born bourgeoisie / haute couture / this romantic soul
lost in Parisian bohemian dissolution / leave to embrace the unique

engage in the art of existentialism
a revolt in words is the struggle against the status quo

not materialism / not marxism / an evolution
of an archetypal rebel with values in contradictions

unearthing symbolism 
a resistance, engaging nature beyond conceptual constraints

consciousness embracing a stance, a belief in a universal force
a natural rhythm of life, so lost in many, yet a bountiful beauty

not masking / nor concealing / overt boredom creating dissipation
like nature, never rehearsed / wandering loosely through speculation

a spiritual experimentation / those visualizations with the power of imagination
leading the rogue’s edgy scepticism

rebellious fornication 
wretched that burden of societal repression

notwithstanding denigration to pursue adversarial contemplations
so great were the ineffable visions, often lost in translation

‘A season in hell’ for Rimbaud
shattering constraints of metric forms / juggling syntax 
visioning verse pushing away forms of preconceived 
with determination / life mirroring the words on the page
mastering the rules of di-vers(e)-if-i-ca-tion

Arthur’s ‘Illuminations’ 
elliptical / esoteric / a definitive renunciation
such hypnotic evocation
against restraints / clearly seeking soul liberation 
ambiguity / unique forms / gives words distinct tone of confrontation

freedom depletion can be the justification
forward American transcendental meditation
as did Rimbaud from his perceived Parisian chains to his Ethiopia utopia

a journey for soul-peace, such were those peregrinations
meandering with ease through French coffee bohemianism


far away from rationalism
the Somalian desert did strike the pose of juxtaposition
such was the life then thriving Abyssinia corner

deviant existence against the restraints of humanism
do thriving primal states seek to ameliorate capitalism?
it is not ordinary derangement in hedonism

transformation with this propagation of idealism
writing kaleidoscope creations
fuelled Morrison experimentation

Dylan-like visualizations
that rock music celebration
paradoxical?is this art of assimilation?

Arthur / not a monster nor a prince 
nor asceticism / just confronting the oppression

parallels seem clear now, Rimbaud rebellion spoke to the future
it’s not pretty, though, the road to wisdom
hear the words of Rodriguez
such is the poetry of the establishment blues

— namaste, Leah 🕊

Leah J, M.Ed. Psychology, writer/artist/teacher
© Leah J.🕊 The ART Matrix 2019
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