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Singing a Song of Freedom

With a voice, not oppressed

The beautiful irony
we see in the lives lived
of those most repressed 
who do share the most beautiful voices.

That the resilience of an oppressed mind
imprisoned, in bodies
chooses not to burst forth 

with contempt, aversion, hostility at such wrongs, 
with an injustice-fuelled vengeance.

Rather, choosing their voices and their feet 
to convey the message of their hearts and souls
a message of injustices to be told.

For those, whose raft, in the life voyage, breaks
was there a message to be heard, from that voice
even in a fall from grace?

Maybe in the voice shared, which doesn’t repress
there is always something to be gained
even with the down-trodden heart
speak, even a whisper, a sweet song of defiance.

We harvest the gold of wisdom with compassion
make new
expand with a stand of resilience
a metamorphosis through prose, song and poems.

Confronting the Wasteland, did Elliottwhich lay fellow, impotent
then with tenacity did the Pussy Riot, posit new beginnings
as have the likes of Yousafzai, Gandhi, Baldwin, Lennon, Brando, and you
great poets, artists, writers, activists
refusing to step down from singing their songs.

See the bird in the tree freed from its temporary cage
does sing with content, not contempt
in gaining a voice, just content to sing the song of freedom.

Namasté, Leah

© 2019 Leah J, M.Ed. Psychology writer/artist/teacher
The ART of Living the Matrix

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