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The Nature of Rebellion

Balancing resistance with flow

Rebellion intertwines with compliance

as the river buffets the boulders

each adapting to new ways of being

inherent in this natural

rhythm of life.


The Tale of Shiva and Shakti

With wisdom and meditations, conscious energy can flows.

Whether activity or not
such is the Shiva and Shakti of love
the not-manifest
and the manifest
such are the stones and the sun
a thought or emotion, or not
the cosmos

and each 
one and the same
change, rooting changelessness
the dissolution of duality.

Hegel spoke of an unthinking love, 
a dangerous passion, of a primitive form 
true love cannot happen without meditations on love.

without conditions, a shared confidence
without idle gossiping
naked, unafraid,
wearing only consciousness
and consciousness is everything
and nothing.

But in the world we wear a veil of phenomena
hiding that consciousness
which is love that can only be expressed through a release of energy.

We know this love when we are naked of the material world
of valuing, of conditioning 
of forms, of patterns 
of expressions of anger 
and even of joy.

Love is the prana of all life
the Shakti
the kundalini snake 
of knowledge
of understanding.

When the snake coils
tightly, in a knot, at the root 
in ignorance, anger and hate.

In equanimity, our energies flows
active, fluid
creating, sustaining life.

Namasté, Leah

© 2019 Leah J, M.Ed. Psychology writer/artist/teacher
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