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Imagine the Woman with the Macarons

C’est la vie in rainbows, graffiti, kingfishers, music and macarons

Who could imagine
the way I envision
but surely, you too, can perceive?

Of the rainbow in the blue yonder
 the palisade lady
the chakras coloured energies
and yes, those boxes of macarons
how they 
share the pigments
of joy and of love, animation and of passion.

Judge not the one through graffitied words
as posh, snob, moneyed or fake
Just trying, pondering the possibilities
to root colour into their colourless world?

And, from the cerulean verge
under the 
swelling rind-tinted bouffantof strawberries and sunshine 
vast pigmented sensations.


May you dream, dreams 
and live, lives 
in the colours of a box of macarons.

And there, you will see, how the rainbow 
the spirited kaleidoscope transforms
lyrical renditions / singing songs 
birdsongs of the kingfisher feathers.


In dignity and joy
we are colour-washed 
whether in a box or on a wall,
in the sky or in a smile or simply, being.

We awaken the rhythm
and put the clouds behind us.

“Where trouble melts like lemon drops….…that’s where you’ll find me.”

— namasté, Leah J.🕊
© 2019

dedicated to Alex.

Leah J, M.Ed. Psychology writer/artist/teacher
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Image sources: second image source, — Ladurée source and main image by Fierce Force on Medium