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Honouring Impermanence

Response to Haiku/Tanka prompt “death”

Every moment, death

comes to us, so the soul can

shift states/ we let go,

and, from the cocoon, we will

transform and then, awaken.


And, a wee bit of a commentary: It is my evolving belief, that life is a series of enlightenments, deaths and awakenings. What we were a moment ago — mind and body — is past. After each momentary ‘death’, the body transforms according to the 4 basic elements — earth, water, air and fire — while the soul shifts into revised states. How this happens has a lot to do with energies and intentions.

A water ceremony, in Buddhist philosophy, is a means of expressing intentions. This is an important practice to transfer ‘merit’ to those who have died, so they may rest in peace.

Parables in Buddhism share tales of what happens when the right intentions are not put in place. Not sharing merit to hungry ghosts, who lurk in wait, can mean that they are unable to be reborn into better realms.

The above tanka reflects on the importance of taking each moment in life as an opportunity to transfer “right intentions” — to give merit to what has/who have past. In doing so, we can mindfully revitalize personal and community growth.

And, with special thanks, to Deborah Christensen, and the awesome House of Haiku team of collaborators and writers.Death Strikes Unexpectedly
May 4th, 2019, Haiku/Tanka prompt “death”

namasté, Leah J.🕊

Leah J, M.Ed. Psychology writer/artist/teacher
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