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The Holistic Path
Designed to empower personal growth and mental health

Understanding, reconstructing and embracing the matrix of body, mind, heart, soul and spirit.

The term ‘ART’ of the matrix metaphorically integrates artful creativity, imagination and play with the more cerebral, philosophical discussions. ART is used as an intentional play with words to emphasize that each facet of the matrix and the journey are interconnected. The tags and tabs in this publication essentially overlap in many ways, as well.

A — accepting 
R — reflecting
T — transforming

The more philosophical A.R.T. or content-specific writing is under Philosophy and Archive tabs on Home Page of my Medium publication.
Philosophy of Life and Mind
The 3-part ART

The Design embraces tools which enhance a creativity which is empowering. It integrates discussions on Being-in-the-world actions based on the following themes:

Critical Thinking
Symbols and Language
Writing Workshop
Reading Reviews

The Design elements are generally gathered under Creativity and Archive tabs on Home Pageof this publication.The Design to Empower
A seven-part tool-belt for creating

The Matrix bring the five-parts of your identity together as a cohesive, balanced, interconnected whole.


Philosophy and Creativity enhance our awareness and potential of a passionate fulfilling embrace of life . The five-part Matrix content-specific writing is under the Health and Archive tabs on Home Pageof my Medium publication. Holistic Health Matrix
Life energy flows when the parts are healthy and

And, with each new branch in our tree of life,
we explore who we are most contented to be, 
a place from which to grow
finding more cohesive, balanced connections within, 
and with the world around us.

With a wholehearted and intentional mindset
we can be on a better path, 
living authentically, with integrity.

Everything can be taken from any person, except for one thing: the last of the human freedoms — to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances — to choose one’s own way.
 — Viktor Frankl

It is an entitled freedom. By following this path, by choice and much determination, I have made significant growth in firming up my identity, core values and mental health. My place in the world has a stronger foundations, now, a framework for continued growth and a creative path for making sense of the world. This balancing act is represented by an empowered voice. By doing so, I have been better able to engage in life authentically, with integrity.

Having an understanding of the philosophy of the life, mind and spirithas helped me to work through depression and developing a healthy pattern of approaching life overall. Reading Hegel’s work is challenging, to say the least, but worth the effort as I pick up small new bits of knowledge and understanding as I stay the course.

In the Phenomenology of Spirit (or Mind), Hegel refers to six key areas: Consciousness, Self-Consciousness, Reason, Spirit, Religion, and Absolute Knowledge. Each have been insightful for me as I work through other resources, in solidifying my set of core values.

As I struggled to figure out my own personal identity, I found that knowing what my world views (some, as did Freud, call this Weltanschauung). Core values are essential in my establishing a more strong confident voice — in both writing and speaking. I liken this process to personal branding or having an identityelevator pitch that keeps my identity intact regardless of the situation.

The true is the whole.

— Hegel

Where does poetry, flash fiction and other genres fit into this ART of the Matrix philosophy you might ask. I continue to look at the work of Hegel and found the following inspiring.

“Poetry is the universal art of the spirit which has become free in itself and which is not tied down for its realization to external sensuous material; instead, it launches out exclusively in the inner space and the inner time of ideas and feelings.” — Hegel, Introduction to Aesthetics

Empowering each element of a well-balanced matrix.

The extent of your empowerment can be expanded with some critical thinking and creative explorationswith an intentional attitudeempowering your potential joie de vivre.

In this process of discovery, I accept the light and the dark, chaos and order, and the imperfect nature of being human. Then, I reflect by expanding on this thinking. That is crucial. Acceptance doesn’t mean taking something that doesn’t work and letting it continue. It means recognizing it’s existence and growing from that through creative and wise reflections — expanding and evolving.

I meditate in both the relaxing and the insightful contemplation forms — with some, or more than some, creative and critical thinking. By doing so, I balance opposing forces and connections become clarified or at least better than they were before I meditated.

Transformation is the evolution and adaption of the way we were, in history or minutes ago, towards an identity-narrative and core values that fit better. It involves lessening the role of the ego and liberating the soul.

This is the path which guides and inspires enlightened, meaningful existence. Easy, peasy. Maybe but usually not.

If your car is out of alignment get the wheels balanced.

The point is that this human matrix is meant to be in balance and it can not be without intentional contemplation and action.

The car is out of alignment. It is wobbly and the ride is bumpy. This car needs attention to correct the wobble or is causes other problems and a potential breakdown. I need to first accept the situation, my thoughts, emotions or actions. Then, I reflect and make some changes where necessary.

The rest of the system suffers directly and indirectly if we do not take care of the parts. By balancing 5 attributes of the matrix I have found much greater sense of peace with body, mind, heart, soul and spirit.

We have some special qualities of human nature which allow us to have a conscious ability to recognition, reflect and make decision. This involves being a responsible, active part of the creation and alteration — influences our lives and impacting on the world around us in a benevolent way. My plans and purposes are better expressed and actualized when I interact consciously, creatively and with reason.

Further, the moral implications of this level of responsibility means, well, we need to be more aware of how our actions affect others. This extends to spiritual self-awareness and the capacity for spiritual and moral reflection and growth.

Yet, it is an empowering freedom. I have found much greater contentment and fulfilment through intentional attitude and a passionate embrace of my values and identity, authentically, with integrity.

The ability and desire to understand and love one’s genuine self and others, can become neglected and even opposed. But, the quest for a wholeness, or to find one’s essential, true nature, offers the opportunity for reconciliation.

And, in close a Haiku, as a simple reminder to be me.

Who should I trust more

than my self, to determine

my genuine self?

Thank you for reading.🕊

Namasté, Leah

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The ART of Living the Matrix

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