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Designing a holistically balanced, healthy life

Empowerment is inherently intertwined with an intentional attitude towards living a holistically, balanced, healthy life. You are designing and writing the narrative of your story. You are also the protagonist and the agent.

In other words, you are the painter, the paintbrush and the canvas.That can empowering, exciting and daunting. Here are the tools which support this journey making it fulfilling and enriching.

The Design to Empower themes

Critical Thinking
Symbols and Language
Writing Workshop
Reading Reviews

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By consciously, insightfully designing your life narrative, it is easier to be authentic, with integrity. The reason this is so important is that it creates a solid foundation for growth and living a fully life, relative to your intentions. It expands your potential as you bring the parts of the matrix together into a balanced, cohesively inter-connected whole.

study the science of art
study the art of science
develop your senses, especially learn how to see (and to listen)
realize that everything connects to everything else

— Leonardo da Vinci

The Design embraces the parts and the Gestalt of the matrix of your being. By looking at the parts of what makes you, you, the identity narrative is clarified. Your energies flow more freely and a more confident voice is enabled.

It takes courage and vulnerability to wholeheartedly embrace all, that is the authentic you, with integrity. This is especially so in this process in which we choose to embrace both the challenges and the joy.

Through creative and critical thinking, deeper understandings and courage to take action is expanded. Finding this confident voice, your core values and identity narrative can be hugely empowered through writing explorations. It importantly supports a determination to deepen self-awareness, reach out to the world, and to make balanced connections.

Philosophical prose and poetry for a creative embrace

Interesting to note is how philosophers have quibbled over the merits of poetry and other forms of imaginative literature as to whether or not it has cognitive value. Georg Hegel struck a unique pose in his belief that poetry is the most universal and global means of communicating.

Poetry is the universal art of the spirit which has become free in itself and which is not tied down to external sensuous material for its realization. Instead, it launches out exclusively in the inner space and the inner time of ideas and feelings.

— Hegel

Further, in its own creative nature, poetry is a viable source of insight and knowledge. It moves us out of rigid patterns towards imaginative, alternative ways of thinking, problem solving and being-in-the-world.

An intertwining of the esoteric with the erudite and the aesthetic seems to create a more comprehensive, purposeful system of thought.

By distinguishing between more technical philosophical prose and poetry, we can see the merits of both in our lives. They are fundamental different types of styles and content. Both have tremendous power on building a meaningful life journey.

An intertwining of philosophy, prose and poetry

Consider your philosophy of love
the ‘what-is-the-nature’ of your loving relationships
where agape, philia and eros meet
in different shapes, sizes, combinations and permutations
alternative connections
that ubiquitous rebalancing
and essential transformations
into a wholeness of loving.

Agape is one kind of love
which holds a dignity in love
that does not objectify
a universal loving-kindness
bringing in the spirituality of love
Buddha’s metta
holding confidences
advocating love, freely
without conditions.

Such is a sisterly/brotherly love
a love that distinguishes 
and dignifies differences
it shifts paradigms from materialism
into the heart and soul of things.

Plato argued for a well-rounded love
that an eros-type love 
can be unhealthy when left on it own
the agape-type love is a Kantian-type love
spontaneous and genuine
unmotivated by lust, in it’s purest form.

Philia is a kind of love
that friendly, of this world, affectionate love
where the embrace of each other as equal
de Beauvoir and Sartre type of love
reasonable, rational, comprehensible
yet, affectionate
a Platonic love when genuinely shared.

Socrates merits that philia-type love
which is beyond the physical
a mindful, sincere love and compassion
where inlays, the beauty of the soul.

Aristotle also sees love as deeply sourced
philia as a dispassionate virtuous love
not overpowered by sexual attraction
more of one soul weaving beings together
in a Tao-like being, as one.

Eros is one kind of love
sexual passion, that is an erotic-type of love
that you love me, admire me,
because I love and admire you
or in spite of it, conditions may be set
parameters of value in place
an appraiser’s form of love 
in finding value in a property
where love is an economic, physical metaphor 
price equates value 
permitting erotic love as a singular entity.

Ardour in the philosophy of love

The home of the precious goddess
of lyrical poetry and play
to which one can lose some reason just to play love 
in gathering the fertile delicacies.

Being the wild eden-one 
who passionately imagines
tantric and other more mindful, erotic potentials
where one might go to explore together.

Feel the mystery blossom
with a degree of blindness, shared,
with energetic generosity.

Sagacity in the philosophy of love

Balancing possible disheveled emotions of ardour
clarity of knowledge, understanding, that wit
of sage-like genius 
to perceive the world simply as it is
offering diamond eyes of the sage.

There is a paradox in this philosophy of love
There is often that tension between union and autonomy
when we strive to realize that state of being self-actualized
as the bedrock for potential self-transcendence
and then spiritual-being is union, beyond autonomy.

At the root of love we need the Other
who nurtures from within and from beyond
with a consistency when we may not find so
from some experience in the world
this is our inner beloved muse 
who works with us 
in innovative imaginings 
together, with wit and passion in a skillful balancing.

Love sourced through a spiritual realization
it transcending personal concerns
it is honest
it is trustworthy
it is compassionate
it is altruistic
it doesn’t play games
it is a universal gifting 
from and with
the body, mind, heart, soul and spirit,

It goes beyond the mundane
where love is not an attitude
but a relationship with other, self and the world

with both sagacity and ardour.

For you, Alex, my love, fully, always
j’aime tout de toi.
Namasté, LJ🕊

Namasté, Leah

© 2019 Leah J, M.Ed. Psychology writer/artist/teacher
The ART of Living the Matrix

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