The 5 Essentials that Awaken Mental Health

The 5 Essentials that Awaken Mental Health

Courage is as contagious as fear
~ Susan Sontag

And, from my experience, I have learned that oppression and courage can start from within, just as fear does.

This is a very difficult story for me to write. I lived a voice-less existence. The rational brain was the engrained rule and the emotional brain buried somewhere, not accessible.

Don’t get me wrong. Emotions have been there. Tremendous, under-utilized empathic skills, just percolating below the radar as learned signs of weakness. 

This resulted in a mental health mess from feeling overwhelmed, depressed and anxious, all the time and not understanding the ‘why’. I had learned that ‘we’ don’t ‘talk’ about ‘things’. But, I now know that writing/talking heals. Slowly my voice and emotional strength are evolving.

Inner child meets inner adult/nurturing other

Through the past few years in the process recovery, I have adopted an Inner Adult who has ‘worked with me’, nurturing me into stronger mental well-being. I have also created a ‘Path’ of connections that have been supportive in the healing process. 

My Nurturing Other walks beside me as I forge ahead on this newly adopted path. My soul, compassion, trust, and feelings are grit-fully ‘discovered’ with inner guidance and a nurturing community of others. I had begun to integrate key attributes into my day-to-day existence.

the 5 keys

1 ~ an intentional attitude and A.R.T.

2 ~ core values/worldviews

3 ~ a solid identity-narrative with an empowered voice

4 ~ being open to shame and vulnerability

5 ~ heeding physical, emotional, psychological responses ~ Matrix

I was floundering without these ~ still am but I am a heck of a lot stronger just having this checklist in place. Self-confidence, my inner empath and a better knowing/valuing of my place in the world is increasing in a corresponding way.

Mental health, for me, has involved a constant effort to stick to the plan or purpose — the one guided now more by my heart and soul, than my mind. It means reminding myself to step forward when the messages from within are saying, ‘step back or run now and hide’. And in doing, so I continually nourish the growth of my improving ‘tree of life’.

This is an intentional plan of action with a set of em-power tools. 
As this flexible pattern becomes stronger, I am able to manage depression and social anxiety in more positive ways. It feels good to stand taller and to be with an identity and ‘voice’ that are becoming more confident and genuine. It takes time and I have learned through consistent effort to be ok with that.

Courage is gradually taking up greater space in my way of being and fear is losing its stronghold. Courage comes through nurturing and nurturing can come from within or from others. Fear can similarity arise from a lack of having a Nurturing Other.

It takes wisdom, courage and creativity to be vulnerable. And it takes being vulnerable to build wisdom, courage and creative solutions.

Positive growth also takes a good dose of imagination and creativity. These are all gifts of wisdom. Wisdom involves an intuitive, empathetic connection with your ‘self’ and with the world and an aware attunement to both.

It is about being creatively inspired, delighted, motivated so that, in some way, transform ways of thinking, doing or feeling, for the better. We need confident voices and a natural respect for various means of communicating, share and balancing meaningful connections with the world.

You never fail until you stop trying
~ Albert Einstein

Wisdom is about maintaining an open mind, a willingness to listen to others and your own intuitions. In turn, as the narrative of my identity confidently evolves according to my inner Self, I find depression and social anxiety waning and mental health waxing.

Nurture, compassion and a growth mindset are essential in building confident voices and healthy places in the world. This has happened to me. I share this story in hopes that it may also help others.

~ namasté, Leah J. 🕊

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