The Clearing

The Clearing
A Matrix Post

until we make the unconscious, conscious
it will direct your life
and you will call it fate ~ Carl Jung

be unrestrained by the norm
find moments of your greater clarity
respond in a way that celebrates your lighter way

to be endowed with beauty, new colours, textures, vitality
beyond the congenial, tepid-au-courant.

dive in with a mindful awareness
see the contrasts
, expand that which enlightens
freely explore what to put on that blank page
the tabula rasa

what shall we do with that which is wittingly supra-liminal
placed on the threshold of transformation, through choice
arousing, but soothing…cooling, but warming, engaging, enlivening

build on it to challenge your potential
stay with that which is at least interesting to you,
at best delicious, exquisite, vivid, moving, poignant,
definitely worth keeping

power the imagination
taking creativity beyond the mundane, go deeper, fear not
the roar of the lion, the spray of the sea against the shore, the bee’s sting
share passionate explorations with a clarity,
a purpose to see purity

and beauty of your genuine voice, heart and soul

play with a touch of the precocious
with a curious wondering
that which is freely explored, without demands, without judgment
let it delight on a whim / give yourself permission to just be

when your voice dawns / the words bloom
awakenings happen
with deeper awareness, more profound transformations
that is 
the power of exploring and discovery
through lived experiences, language, philosophy, prose and poetry.

Be the love, be the light

~ namasté, Leah J. 🕊

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