The Dust of You Lingers

The Dust of You Lingers

What is done, is done

What is, is what is done.
and the dust of you lingers

are you clearing me out for something new?
a reminder it is time to let go?

but I forbade fate but the soulful divine to reclaim the throne of my revolutionary bones

can you not see?
I invite you in

for whatever comes
both a joy or a depression

come with me
drink away the beauty that’s within

we can fight injustice
also buried within

then, we can change, the world
with fewer bones if you’ll let me

we can change the world
come, be
with me…
come in

~ inspired by Medici and the Guest House, Rumi

Release the divine

The sage of mindfulness
or is it the stuff of ‘roses are red
so simple, really
just a reminder to be
and really be, embrace that innate, special
is that fresh, new, and worthy
a genuine release of the playful, saying ‘wow’ and ‘why’?
freed, lighthearted and innocent
being true to the essence
of the divine.

Be the love, be the light

~ namasté, Leah J. 🕊

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