The Epilogue

The Epilogue

On reason and passion


in the nascent rise of this animated prose
each universal birth rises out of ashes, an inspiration
of the muse which fountains our souls as we traverse
the ether, take root and rise up
all and even the cactus receives sustenance in this fluid verse
through an obscured rain received
as a passionate chorus through worldly foundations

I noticed how sweet the potential even of the fragrance
of cactus flowers on its prickly spine
soaks in the rich potential
the dawn’s rays warm, gentle
the harmony with tree of life which begins to cast a shadow
yet shares of soul chord far beyond
to the ever lush distant meadow


we went together into the sunlight
drank coffee with whimsical banter, stirring
life’s winsome allure, past endless markets of sweet offerings

through the angel hair of sunlight
in the balmy air we felt no burden with bare glances to the melting
ice cream castles without care to hold what is the proof of authenticity

and we drank up fairy tales and hyperboles
saccharine conundrums of fairgrounds turning vapid — is life just
another dazzling circus show? and we hold the facade and laugh as we fall?


the bell jar will hide fears, yet it suffocates life 
along with the disquietude of distorted dreams 
of concrete schemes and surface crowds that won’t let it be

for that here, and here it remains, all I’ve ever learned from love
is a broken Hallelujah vacating hopes of a second coming for this baffled innocent, the broken lover as we just keep playing those zero sum games

this life, this concrete war, without the beauty
of abstractions that holds the soul-center to celebrate creation
the ceremonies of innocence, intuition, lost, drowning in superficial facades


I heard, in my travels in Maytime and through
the solstice, that there is a secret, sensual chord
to personate so to please the Lord and that there is no other reason to be

oh death! do not brag thou yet, I don’t understand life
yet, so how can I contemplate you — I am not ready to wander
in your shade. the fragments I have shored against my ruins, remain

I accept the catcher in the rye and risk the desert dry, even seek it
in atonement so I have one more moment, or two, into the rumination
look, see the lapis lazuli, le papillon, indigo that it can save a wretch like me

I don’t want flowers, only to lay open, with my hands
turned up and be utterly empty, yet filled with the essence of lavender
and to hush the cacophony, to find shelter fields of citrus, vanilla, cinnamon


and so, with this horse, with no name, 
we move onwards in the journey to source 
the water beneath the desert, dry and sandy, drink… will it be?

where peace and love and water lay we slouch 
towards Bethlehem, to be born, the gifts to share, say hallelujah 
and stay, even when granite unyielding, be sandstone …let it be

it is the Other, gliding swathed in mantle and hood
that the bard whispers on strings, songs speaking 
soul-wisdom to all the broken-hearted people, be an answer…let it be

no victory needed, see joy, share, show, be, 
reflect, embrace that hallelujah of which t’was I blind, but now I see 
wrapped from both sides now, this truth is marching on and so, it shall be.

on poetry and music

Poetry and music are at the center of heart and soul. They are the rhythm of our personal and collective narratives, cultures and revolutions.

Beautiful stories are told with drums and dance to evoke a spiritual rejoice that can carry us beyond the bricks and mortar of our civilized world. I remember songs from when I was five years old, that bring me back to that place that I would have forgotten otherwise.

Music therapy has a power that can transport, even if only temporarily, some people who are suffering into a more vibrant conscious awareness.

the music that has inspired love, hope and light

~ Both Sides NowJoni Mitchell

~ Hallelujah:Leonard Cohen, KD. Lang, Rufus Wainwright, Bob Dylan, Jeff Buckley and more that 300 other artists.

~ Horse with No Name: America

~ Glory, Glory Hallelujah: London Community Gospel Choir

~ Amazing Grace: Aretha Franklin and LeAnn Rimes

~ Let It Be: Beatles

~ Soul to Soul: Temptations

and, the poems

~ The Second Coming: W. B. Yeats

~ The ColossusSylvia Plath

Wasteland: T.S. Elliott

A Summer’s Day, Sonnet 18Shakespeare

~ namasté, Leah J. 🕊

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