The path of the Art Matrix is a soulful, wholehearted journey. It’s about holistic health and authentic, passionate personal growth.

I have explored the reasons why we can succumb to emotional, physical and spiritual imbalances and disorders. I have set into place 15 key elements for conscious, wholehearted living. These have been very supportive on my journey into a more confident, holistic well-being. And, that is why I share it with you!

Each of the key ingredients I identify fall under the ‘being authentic‘ umbrella. These help gather a better understanding of, and living according to, your genuine ‘self’. In turn, this creates an essential creative, contemplative life path for healthier lives..

the 15 parts/steps on the path

Think of the 15 steps, not in a linear way, but rather in terms parts of a meditation circle. It is a continually evolving entity. When walked consciously, mindfully, and authentically, we strengthen our core values, identities, and the matrix–the gestalt of the genuine you!

Be mindful of 3 parts of the Art, the 5 elements of the Matrix, and the 7-empowering keys which make up the steps we keep revisiting to maintain and enhance holistic well-being.

the art mantra

A  ~ accepting with radical, thought expansion
R  ~ reflecting with insightful contemplation
T~ transforming mindfully for balanced integration

your matrix, matters, the parts & the gestalt


personalize and realize your 7 keys

core values
world views

the sweet spot holds a bias toward action

Finding the sweet spot in personal growth needs a bias toward action. Nothing gets done without doing, and the more you do, the more likely something will change. Yet, the ‘doing’ needs to be mindfully done. Carefully identify the variables and influence the ones that are keys for individual and collective well-being.

forget about perfectionism

Taking control of your life is incredibly powerful. Yet, with adaptation comes the need to be vulnerable, make mistakes, and take some risks.

It’s about moving knowledge into a system of wiser ways of existence.. Deeper understanding of who you are inherently creates greater system balance and stability. The system in this case, is your identity including all parts of the matrix.

the querencia

There is an interesting parallel to the pause (being mindful) when facing the challenges and struggles inherent in life. In a bull fight, a bull can find his own particular area of safety in the arena. There, he can reclaim his strength and power. That place and inner state is called his querencia. We need to source that querencia, from within, and use it proactively rather than reactively. It is who we are, most naturally, intuitively, and wise.

~ the path through time and space
from which your strength is drawn
where you feel most at home
the place at which you are
your most authentic self

being wise, mindful, vulnerable, and authentic

Take time for insightful meditation or pauses throughout the day before you step into a new activity. Be always mindful of the 15 steps. Ask yourself if you are staying true to them. Adapt only with reflection and conscious decision-making and choice.

Focus on, ‘listen to’, re-engage and balance the parts of your matrix. Consider the chakra zones (body) with meditation and yoga, if possible, to free and balance energy flow. Keep yourself tapped into what is most important ~ the art, the matrix, realized with the 7 keys ~ together, enhancing your opportunities for an equanimous and meaningful existence.

With much gratitude….

~ namasté, Leah J. 🕊

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