~ a sapphire and tangerine rising

a stream of consciousness
tells of a sapphire and tangerine rising

gone as the tune a sad trombone laments
assailing the heart into ribbons dying
a different kind of death, suffocating
in soul-gasps in the stench of insouciant space

so weary in the stale dust of that barren place
a desert that barely whispers its name in a dry breeze,
and then twists into dust devils in aching reverberation
a drumming of desolation in tides which ebb and flow

out of the remains of a sensible symphony
those triumphant gestures of cacophony
and once snowy white roses, a fragile hope
gone as the fall leaves without soft-hearted nourishment

inquietude where mind banished the heart
and love with it, drowning without even a cloaked tenderness
being swept out to sea, oh this mad world
so empty when the briny waters flowed back to shore

streaming shadows those ghosts of the past
souvenirs at times diverting patinas, an option to polish
to discover by chance and replenish with salts of vitality
leading dewed spring flowers to envelop into the solstice

leave perplexing allusions to paddle into the refractive waters
shifting sediments to just be, sparking a path
with rhythmic strokes this gentle sapphire and tangerine rising
the rejoining of love with mind in a jubilant dawn

~ namasté, Leah J. 🕊

🕊 the art of being authentic
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