~ resisting the return of the leviathan

That which was once smashing, ripping
a formidable force not to be restrained,
was buried, forgotten / yet sometimes, still
more quietly though, finds its way, back, into my mind,

out of the abyss.

And I falter in the remnants
of this powerful Leviathan force
which still haunts / in states of disquiet
determined to disrupt the peace of the psyche.

In a lapse of free thinking, of free-will
the compass of the mind
can be insidiously challenged
despite a genuine voice striving diligently to remember itself and be.

Subtle turns of the compass find the right winds
on the ship harboured in mind and soul
a shift in direction following the natural course
hears the wind of the spirit, enriching the soul.

Clear clouds once again reveal the diamonds
calming the inner storm
accepting such is life / a series of awakenings
soothing connections / congruency by adjusting the sails

When a natural, mindful fortitude, is permitted
that flows / when it is let be
it frees the voice permitting self to say, it’s ok, be yourself.

When with intentional effort
being a true guide of doing, of thinking
quality is never an accident.

Maybe a psychological battle with the Leviathanis not the answer / long-termalthough symbolic in momentary soothing.

Maybe I could let the Leviathan be,
like I want to be, free to be me
maybe free the flow of positive energies of who I am.

Maybe I could connect with the Leviathan
just say hello to that monster under my bed.

Maybe I could permit my ethics to smoothly guide me, naturally
maybe nothing owns me and I own nothing.

Maybe I can feel, be, love, share, with my conscious authentic self
by removing the shroud that hides the luster
in my eyes, mind, heart and soul
so I can more clearly perceive the light of the new
being true to that strength and goodness that comes from within.

Maybe just accept, breath, smile. So it is.
And, so it shall be. I like how that sounds already.

~ namasté, Leah J. 🕊

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