~ six degrees of separation

Between you and I are six degrees where once
I had forged a path of only one degree of cerulean promise
but your nascent being, a pebble in the sand did shift as the tides moved in

I witnessed that pied piper lurk upon that fragile path
towards the glass house, so I barred the doors but the fairyland shattered
the hearth crumbled and I shivered even as the heat scorched my world

I lost you in the gravity pull into a fog so dense
I couldn’t see my own hands and I floundered across the berg
to find you but instead was swallowed by an odyssey of painful laments

the trampled roots behest these nomadic expeditions
into a plague of snakes with a tumbleweed mind
desperate for some fortitude to seed this desert path

but I carried the blindly mute and was cauterized
with ‘without an I’ — my truth darkened by shadows
and fettered by the piper’s six degrees

my fingers raw in the dearth my provenance
of ubiquitous scraping, gentrifying, seeking a place where the six degrees
would no longer be a distance between my essence, my truth and the other

the verity crystal reflects in authentic harmony
where we are the earth and the sky, you are twinkle in my eye
six degrees in my heart connected by being soulfully alive

in a wisdom that nature conveys of letting go when pushed
as the wind gusts, to transform, in witness of the tree rooting
around the rocks and the sea glass softening in waves

so I eke out a simple hearth in this time and space oh so slowly
hammering down purgatory walls and in this grimy toil
with a gentle sweep of the hearth the hemlock sways in my knowing

and the wolf within stands up to the wolf at the door and I now rest
in my Teton guesthouse, with my voice speaking the esse of souls
at the hearth of the heart, where I have been, all along.

~ namasté, Leah J. 🕊

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