Reading Reviews: Transformations

In this section, I review the books I have read which relate to the A.R.T. of Transformations. These expand on the main list of books I have reviewed in the Reading Room.

In the A.R.T. Project reviews, I share reading material specifically related to acceptance, reflection and transformation.

The Tibetan Book of the Dead

Reading this book was enlightening to say the least. Robert Thurman shares the Buddhist psychological insights into the processes between dying and death. Dating back to the eight century C.E., it was composed with the intention of preparing the soul for the trials and transformations of the afterworld.

The detail provided was both overwhelming and soothing. My perspective shifted from fear to acceptance. Further, it enhanced my ability to help other as well as myself, better cope with this inevitable part of life. It brings consciousness to the fore and puts material possessions in the rightful place.

~ LJ

The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying

I am a firm believer of forewarned is forearmed. So I am reviewing this book as well because it deals with death and dying from a current standpoint. Thus, the reader may be able to relate to the concepts more readily and integrate them into today’s living conditions.

Huston Smith, author of The World’s Religions, to proclaim, “I have encountered no book on the interplay of life and death that is more comprehensive, practical, and wise.” 

Unfortunately, in 2017, Sogyal Rinpoche retired in the wake of abuse allegations. He had been teaching for 40 years in Europe, America, Australia and Asia. Whether or not that alters our decision to read the book is a personal choice. Again, forewarned…

~ LJ

The Psychedelic Experience: A Manual Based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead

Timothy Leary describes the psychedelic experience as a journey to new realms of consciousness. This falls right into my search for soul-ful answers and consciousness is something I am very interesting in learning more about.

In the introduction, he writes that the scope and content of the experience is limitless. But, its characteristics feature is the transcendence of verbal concepts, of space-time dimensions and of the ego or identity.

Experiencing an altered awareness depends is tied to the clinginess to the ego. At a much more moderate level, Kundalini yoga practises also vary in scope and range on how free the individual feels in venturing into altered states of consciousness.

User beware.

~ LJ

Namaste, LeahJ

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