Rumi Poetry I

The soul, our essence, the spirit world, indescribable by many, yet simply and passionately conveyed by Rumi. Here, I am sharing the translations by Coleman Barks of The Essential Rumi, finds meaningful understandings of body, mind, heart, soul and spirit.

the wound is the place where the light enters

There is a community of the spirit.

Join it, and feel the delight

of walking in the noisy street

and being the noise.

Drink all your passion,

and be a disgrace.

Close both eyes

to see with the other eye.

Moving Water

When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy.

When actions come from another section, the feeling disappears. Don’t let

others lead you. They may be blind, or worse, vultures.

Reach for the rope

of God.

And what is that? Putting aside self-will.

Because willfulness

people sit in jail, the trapped bird’s wings are tied,

fish sizzle in the skillet.

The anger of police is willfulness. You’ve seen a


inflict visible punishment. Now

see the invisible. If you could leave your selfishenss


would see how you’ve been torturing your soul. We are born and live inside

black water in a well

you think you want to go. Ask the way to the spring.

Your living pieces will form

a harmony. There is a moving palace that floats in the air

with balconies and clear

water flowing through, infinity everywhere, yet


under a single tent.

this we have now

is not imagination

This is not

grief or joy.

not a judging state,

or an elation,

or sadness

Those come and go.

This is the presence that


only breath

not Christian or Jew or Muslim, not Hindu

Buddhist, Sufi or Zen. Not any religion

or cultural system. I am not from the East

or the West, not out of the ocean or up

from the ground, not natural or ethereal, not

composed of elements at all. I do not exist,

am not an entity in this world or in the next,

did not descend from Adam or Eve or any

origin story. My place is placeless, A trace of the traceless. Neither body or soul.

I belong to the beloved, have seen the two worlds as one and that one call to and know,

first, last, outer, inner, only that

breath breathing human being.

Namaste, LeahJ

~ sharing the A.R.T. of the healing journey in the matrix of bodymindheartsoul and spirit

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