Rumi Poetry II

The soul, our essence, the spirit world, indescribable by many, yet simply albeit passionately conveyed by Rumi.

I am sharing the translations by Shahram Shiva from the book, Rumi, Thief of Sleep.

love is from the infinite

and will remain until eternity.

The seeker of love escapes the chains of birth and death.

Tomorrow, when resurrection comes,

The heart that is not in love will fail the test.

limiting ego

when your chest is free of limiting


then you will see the ageless Beloved

you can not see yourself without a mirror

look at the Beloved, He is the brightest


….more from Essential Rumi by Coleman Barks in honour of the sacred other, the soul, and inner parent who is ready to care for the wounded inner child. This inner warrior is taking the reins…

Rumi, a painting

two friends

a certain person came to the friend’s door

and knocked

“who’s there?”

“it’s me”

the friend answered, “go away, there’s

no place

for raw meat at this table”

the individual went wandering for a year

nothing but the fire of separation

can change hypocrisy and ego

the person


completely cooked

walked up and down, in front

of the the friend’s house

gently knocked

“who is it?’


“please come in, my self

there’s no place in this house

for two

the doubled end

of the thread, is not

what goes

through the eye of the needle

its a single-pointed,

fined-down, thread end

not a big ego-beast, with baggage”

Namaste, LeahJ

~ sharing the A.R.T. of the healing journey in the matrix of bodymindheartsoul and spirit

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