~ what shall I be? lighter than a feather

Be light of heart, lighter than the feather
illuminate your heart to enter the after-life.
For when heavy and dull, the heart is burdened
atone and feather the heart.
Air the galley, letting in the light energy.

The heart is a gift of the gods,
beware of neglecting it ~ Amen-em-apt

The heart is the keel of the subtle mind
sailing into harbour
where sailors meet with the soul
and if heavy only with bricks
hindering passage with sustenance
the once soul-diamond sky clouds
the horizon fogs over the spirit journey now in peril.

In good steed, there had been warnings of stormy danger
that when the god of Amen-em-apt would weigh the heart
on the harbour’s scales of death,
opposite Maat’s feather of truth
merit of potential of safe passage is measured.

Spiritual potential is human consciousness  
The root of a power, joy, love, compassion
is equanimity balanced to free mystical perception.

Roots knotted, slow growth
free tender energy seeds
heal sad, broken hearts.

The following note was scribed on a page by a student in many years ago at The Bancroft Archive, University of California, Berkeley.

What shall I be?

I have again & again
grown like grass
I have experienced seven hundred and seventy molds
I died from mineralogy
and became vegetable
and from vegetativeness I died
and became animal
I died from animality and became man.

Then why fear
disappearance thru death?
Next time I shall die
Bringing forth wings and feathers like angels
After that soaring
higher than angels
What you cannot imagine
I shall be that.

Seemingly simple is the prose and a sketch yet they can carry
a strength of the heart and soul far longer than we can know.

We write for the moment
and let the future, be.

Rumi-nation conveying spiritual rising
a floating lotus through the imagination.

Gifts of the embellished
bringing voice through words.

Carrying gifts of the heart through time and space
from each of us, to each of us.

~ namasté, Leah J. 🕊

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embracing mindful, empowering transformations🕊

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