The Murakami Way–Part Three (b)

The Need for Balance The Murakami Way continues here, from Part Three (a) with a look at the need for balance. As I continue reading After Dark, I see the Haruki Murakami characters and settings as statically presented. The purpose of their involvement seems irrelevant but they are not. As the story …

The Murakami Way — Part Three (a)

Self, other, space and time have pervasive significance in the Murakami Way of doing fiction. Each of these concepts as well as consciousness, memory, intuition and the mind are integral to the narrative. Murakami blends these into the storyline with a mix of metaphysics, fiction, realism, fantasy, analogy and romance. The …

5 Spot After Dark — Series Introduction

5 Spot After Dark, The Series, sat in draft for a while: beside me, in front of me, following me throughout the day, for some time as I pondered what to do with it.

The title grabbed me and held on. I felt passionately attuned. Within the title I could see the tails of related topics that interconnected thematically and conceptually throughout Murakami’s stories and life, in general.

Intuitively, I knew it was bigger than one post could do justice. Little did I know I would have a highly meaningful (for me anyway) multi-part series in my hands.