ART: Accept, Reflect, Transform

until we make the unconscious, conscious, it will direct our lives and we will call it fate

— Carl Jung

Philosophy through ART is living the matrix anchored in Acceptance, Reflections and Transformations. As we integrate these elements into our day-to-day experiences, we find deeper meaning and realization of our greatest potentials.

Writing specifically on each part of the Art path are developed in pages and posts tagged with the following terms.

A ~ Accepting

R ~ Reflecting

T~ Transforming

Moments of spiritual enlightenment and personal growth can be consciously experienced, in different ways, throughout our human existence.

everything is in flux … the earth, time, concepts, love, life, faith, justice, evil — they’re all fluid and in transition … they don’t stay in one form or in one place, ever…

— Haruki Murakami, Kafka on the Shore

I went to the woods because I wished to life deliberately, to confront only the essential facts of life, to see if I could learn what it had to teach so that when I came to die, I would not discover that I had not lived. I want to live deeply and suck all the marrow out of live…

Henry David Thoreau

The philosophical essay seeks to unravel philosophical questions to find meaning in life.

an unexamined life is not worth living

— Aristotle

The focus here will be the philosophy of mind and life through the lenses of metaphysics, epistemology, and ethics. An integration of Eastern and Western schools of thought supports developing balanced perspectives. The individual essay posts will present questions to expand our understandings of how to live full and healthy lives.

eastern and western philosophy integrated with the 4 directions

The ‘Self-Matrix’ is composed of the physical body, the mind, the heart, the soul and extends to the spirit and the external earth world. The deep psychological structure of the mind, writes Bill Plotkin, can be further understood, using the 4 directions.

1~ the West facet is fundamentally about romance, transformation, metaphor and deep imagination

2~ the South facet is about wildness, indignity, belonging, and full-bodied feeling

3~ the East is about innocence, wisdom, paradoxical humour, and full-presence sensing

4~ the North is about nurturing, generativity, visionary action, and heart-centered thinking.

ignorance breeds an impertinent insolence towards the world and the universe … comforting fairy tales provides support for some, who do not which to find the answers to questions that the philosopher or the science of nature an answer … learn to live with powers from within, without ignorance and without fear of some unknown

Bertrand Russell

the philosophy of the matrix narrative

Our identity — body+mind+heart+soul+spirit — can be best visualized as a helix-shaped, interconnecting framework.

out of nowhere, the mind comes forth

the diamond sutra, Buddhism

The narrative is your story (the forest) and you are the protagonist — the main character. Or, you could think of this personal narrative story as a tree in the forest that needs understanding and nourishment in order to reach your potential.

When you write a book, you spend day after day scanning and identifying the trees. When you’re done, you have to step back and look at the forest.

–Stephen King

Think of it as an alchemic mix of energy — a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation or recombination of the elements. And yet, it is not only essential natural — you have a conscious, mind-based, say in the matter.

chemistry dissolves the goddess in the alembic

Venus, the white queen, the universal matrix

down to the molecular hexagons and carbon chains

–Kathleen Raine

In ancient times, a matrix was a female or parent plant or animal whose seeds were used for producing other plants. Inherent in the concepts of the ART matrix is that you are parenting the seeds of the narrative of your identity — of the story of your life. This puts you in the driver’s seat where you belong.

the human psyche

In its mature fullness, the human psyche grants us multiple ways to heal our psychological wounds and grow from them. With the ART of living the matrix, we become more consciously intelligent, aware and attuned. It takes work and it takes an intentional attitude.

Transformation isn’t always sweet and bright. It’s can be a dark and murky, painful and pushing. An unraveling of the untruths you’ve carried in your body. A practice in facing your own demons. A complete uprooting may necessary before becoming.

–Victoria Erickson, Edge of Wonder

the art of ‘uprooting’ is combined with rooting

Through the ART processes of accepting, reflecting, and transforming continually adapt our identity matrix, in part and holistically. Uprooting reflects change from attachments that are unhealthy.

The Cacophony

Heed the dissonance make the call to conscious–be the gate-keeper of your thoughts and emotions and bring the soul harmony.

The Clearing

Know the entropy
holding fragments that sliver
building noise — that storm 
which distorts the true nature
of the pure state, still the mind.

Leah J.

hold on to your own truth 

that space of pure reflection
at the center of the image 
you were born with 


Ironically, it is a process which involves rooting into nature and those connections within and with the world around us which sustain healthy growth.

With a well-developed Self, you can seek to restore and enhance the more-than-human world and to co-conceive and co-create a healthy, mature, life-enhancing, inclusive life.

Understanding and establishing balance, cohesive all 5 attributes of the life matrix and participating in the healthy evolution of the species and our planets is a purposeful, cooperative, inter-connected existence.

If we engage the earth’s intelligence, we could rise up rooted, like trees…

–Rainer Maria Rilke

The more consciously engaged you are with these processes, the more agency you have in the transformations of your narrative.

revitalize by expanding awareness

dream the impossible
romance the world

feel and honour
relationship with all species with all habitats

embrace the difficult wisdom of paradox

shaping ourselves
into visionaries

with the artistry to revitalize
our enchanted

and endangered

–Leah J.

As we heal our individual wounds, we enhance our abilities to contribute to the world. This involves cultivating a conscious relationship to the Spirit. In doing so, we enjoy an intimacy with all of life, experiencing our oneness with all things and with the universe as a whole.

Preparing our souls is why we live, in our bodies, in this world. With a well-developed Self-Matrix, we have a conscious relationship with our souls. This enables us to save the world most effectively as initiated adults and teachers.

With good intentions, an open mind and heart, active engagement in the A.R.T. project enables growth through the individuation process. This process is more effectively engaged when we consciously choose to cultivate our relationship with our 5-fold identity-matrix.

🕊 namasté, Leah

Leah J, M.Ed. Psychology, writer/artist/teacher
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