Empower Tools

Empower Tools

The human being is a mystery. It needs to be unravelled. If you spend your whole life unravelling it, don’t say you wasted your time. Study that mystery because that is what being human means. ~ Dostoyevsky

The Art of Being Authentic philosophy is designed to integrate essential empowering tools to engage a fulfilling, mentally healthy existence. It depends greatly on your intentions and having a growth mindset.

the artistic technique of encouraging people
to see common things in a new light
as strange, wild or unfamiliar

7 tools in the (em)power toolbox

core values
world views

By carefully selecting your choice of tools for empowerment and balancing your matrix, you fuse your powers together in tune to your genuine gifts. In the alembic of impassioned imagination, we give strength to soulful and mindful abstractions, making them real. Whipple writes of a gate of steel, fronting the sun, receives and renders back, his figure and his heat.

With these tools we holistically engage ‘archaeological digs’ to uncover and live according to the truths of our most authentic selves.

Honesty, humility, respect, love, wisdom, consensus, balance, non-interference and courage are important values to consider from an individual and group perspective.

When we find our values and act accordingly, it just feels right. Empathetically and intuitively, it feels natural as opposed to standards imposed upon us by others. These are the best ethics guides ~ the ones that are most instinctively applied.

positive liberty

With positive liberty, you take authority over determining how you value yourself. Healthy life choices need to be closely aligned to our quest into positive freedom.

According to Kant, in positive liberty, each of us can assume a position of autonomy in the determination of the course of our thoughts, emotional well-being and actions. In contrast, if you are trying to gain a personal esteem, identity, core values or self-worth from some external valuation, that would be called negative liberty.

To be mentally healthy, we need to become increasingly aware of our strengths, identity, core values and options for self-determination. This works in tandem with slowly freeing ourselves from the tethers of oppression and mentally unhealthy environments. As you build up an inner fortitude, your empathetic awareness of what does or doesn’t feel right resonates more clearly from the core of your being.

When we take more time to pause and reflect, unhealthy energy from within and around is less debilitating. With insightful contemplation we work through acceptance and release, reflections and initiations, and transformations or enlightenments.

From an equanimous foundation, we start to radiate positive energy rather than negative energy derived from self-doubt, imposed shame or fear of rejection. We accept that struggle is inherent in life. But, the feelings that we are alone or unworthy create unhealthy lives. From the standpoint of inherent value in just being, the things that affect you are mindfully observed and let go if they are not in line with your holistic well-being.

being responsive, not reactive

Use these empowering tools to create strong foundations. Create and activate your life-force so when challenged, you can be mindfully responsive rather than blindly reactive. Heighten your awareness of your matrix and be prepared to engage authentically, compassionately and mindfully.

show up in your deepest intention and the world will seamlessly meet you there ~ David Lynch

Instead of living in fear, we speak openly about vulnerability and shame. With a voice of our unique essence, we carry a dignity to empower it and to use it, freely and insightfully.

healing the parts and balancing the whole

Finding the connections in the parts of the matrix is better enabled through understanding the parts and creating a meaning whole. Philosophy, spirituality and psychology can expand wholeness, balance and cohesive connections within and with the world around.

In reconciliation with our most genuine selves, we are mindful, insightful, vulnerable, and passionate and life is inherently more fulfilling.

utterly fearless and uninhibited
this consciousness that brings
into manifestation and sustains
the infinite variety of being
in an ever dynamic and active space
~ Vashishtha

~ namasté, Leah J. 🕊

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