The Artist Sees What Nature Holds

Where soulful energy, in nature, within
filled with soaring joy, searing pain, truths
awaiting that attuned, conscious, soul-ready mind.


the place of pure being
where there is no stone to be seen here 
no withered branch, no fallen leaves.

the whole of nature / breathes in peace 
when there is joyful innocence and life.
~ Friedrich (adapted)

nature is the soul of things

the divine is everywhere, 
even, a grain of sand

the artist’s feeling
genuine, never contrary to nature

the artist, poet, the writer, the creator
should not only paint/write/create what is received by the senses
but especially that which she imagines, intuits, envisions to be.

within find the vital force

from angst, the world, with I, an empty vessel yet full with that which is sad

yet, there is also, to be deeply sourced within / 
a beauty awaiting realization

such is a vital force nature offers to reconcile with
and see the connections within and then recognize those beyond

nature, within 
is all nature, all is consciousness, all is soul.

the renaissance of the nature of my soul

i am here for all to see
in my bones

there’s dignity, i will fight 
for them

i can say that i can 
change the world,

but, if you let me, i will make
my world

stand tall 
let me show you

on last time
let me show you

one last sign, i can
see, it, all
~ Buonvino

light songs of the lark

through the gloomy clouds break
blue sky, sunshine

on the heights and in the valley
sing the lark and the nightingale
~ Friedrich

inspiration everywhere

in my mind, words and images

flow so I begin to write
as the visions transpire inspired by a visceral energy

music ….words ….the mind….nature
enact mood for those beings, images, words

wanting and ready, to receive, a renaissance 
rebirth, renewal, the awakening

Be the love, be the light

~ namasté, Leah J. 🕊
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